St. Peter, Municipal ward of Westgate

A view through the Westgate of St. Peter's Street c. 1906 - you can just see All Saints Church Tower on the left

Detail from a postcard mailed September 9, 1906, from Folkestone to Miss McKie, 17 Sebright Road, High Barnet, Kent

"The street from hence takes its name from St. Peter's church, situate on the right, about the middle of its length; but before we come to it, is the gateway of the Black or Dominican friars monastery, and opposite, that which leads to the ruins of one of the order of St. Francis. Adjoining to the latter is Cogan's hospital, founded in 1657, by John Cogan, D.D. for six widows of clergyman, who have each an apartment, and 10l. a year; Dr. Aucher, a late prebendary of the cathedral left also a valuable estate towards their maintenance. Beyond St. Peter's church is the passage to two springs of mineral water, of different quality, though rising within seven feet of each other. The waters have been prescribed and taken with success, from the first discovery of them in 1693, but were never so much in fashion as to crowd the town with company. Almost opposite is the church of Holy Cross; in the reign of Richard II. the church was over the Westgate, but it was taken down by archbishop Sudbury, and erected where it now stands. Westgate and its bridge are the boundary of the city jurisdiction; in the broad street without is the prison for the east part of Kent; not far from it the Jews, who reside chiefly in this part of the suburbs, have a Synagogue; and at the end is St. Dunstan's church, a larger and fairer building than most in the city."

The Kentish Traveller's Companion 1776

3 cases of measles attended to in an epidemic of this disease in St. Peter's Street, Canterbury during 1852 by G. Rigden, Esq. (138 cases total in the city)

15 cases were fatal of the 138 cases seen. Association Medical Journal

The leading case, perhaps, is Fineux v. Hovenden, Cro. Eliz. 664 (1599). The plaintiff there alleged "there had been a way within the city of Canterbury leaving from St. Peter's Street into a street called Rush-market; and that all the inhabitants of the city used, time whereof, &c., to pass that way; and that the plaintiff was an inhabitant there; that the defendant had made a ditch and erected a pole across that way, whereby he had lost his passage, &c." But, after verdict for the plaintiff, it was held by Popham, C. J. Gawdy and J. J. Fenner, "that without a special grief shown by the plaintiff, the action lies not," but it is punishable in the leet. See, also, Anon., Moore 180, No. 321 - The American Law Register 1880


To be sold by private contract, A family house in St. Peter's Street, Canterbury, with Garden and good back entrance, suitable for Business Premises. Frederick Keyes. Auctioneer & Appraiser, accountant, house and Estate Agent, 29, Westgate Within, Canterbury (KG April 12, 1870)



No. 1


Charles Martin, Dyer %

1889 R. F. Strand, Dyer & Cleaner

Lydia Langford (

St. Lawrence Laundry, Cleaners & Dyers

1903 Canterbury Weavers, the Misses Holmes & Phillpotts, principals

The Old King's Bridge Sign located on one of the Weavers Houses


Detail from my old postcard showing the houses on King's Bridge and All Saints church tower in the background along with houses continuing on in High Street


No. 2 (King's Bridge)

James STREET %

1889 C. F. STENT, Fruiterer

Thomas F. STENT, Greengrocer and Gardener (

1903 Canterbury Weavers, the Misses Holmes & Phillpotts, principals

1917 Canterbury Weavers (Ltd.)

1930's Dowlings


No. 3 (King's Bridge)

Edward Bigg, Publican & Lodging House %

1889 H. Z. DAVEY, Whitehall Dairy

J. Everard Butcher, Milk Contractor

*bankrupt list July 14, 1888 - William UDEN, late wholesale potato and fruit merchant, 7 Burgate lane, late 3 Kings Bridge, Canterbury, Ct. Canterbury. Order June 30. (Gazette, July 3, 1888)

J. EVERARD, Butcher, Dairy Farmer, Milk Man (

1903 John EVERARD, Butcher, Dairyman, 3 King's Bridge

1907 The Cathedral Dairy, 3 King's Bridge, Canterbury, supplies Pure Milk of the Finest Quality, properly cooled through a refrigerator immediately it is drawn from the cow, and it is the only properly cooled milk supplied in Canterbury. Every utensil used in the above Dairy is thoroughly sterilised by steam before use. No milk supplied in bottles owing to the impossibility of properly cleansing them. Farms - Debden Court Farm, Petham, and Howlett's Farm, Bekesbourne. All cows under close veterinary inspection.

No. 4 (King's Bridge)

1858 John Secra, Practical Engraver, Copper plate & Lithographic Printer, stationer & Bookseller, King's Bridge. Visiting and Trade Cards, Bill Heads, Cheques, Labels &c., Engraved and Printed. Brass and Zinc Door and Window Plates. Arms, Crests, Ciphers, &c., on Plate. Wedding cards and Wedding Stationery. Orders by post promptly attended to.

Francis Read Bateman, Paperhanger, Cabinet Maker %

1860 AD - F.R. Bateman, Decorator, &c., Paper Hanging Warehouse, 4, King's Bridge, Canterbury. Established for the purpose of supplying the Public with superior Paper Hangings of every description. Marble, Oak, Granite, and other Paper Hangings suitable for every description of Rooms, always on Sale, from the Largest Stock and Lowest Price. The newest Patterns constantly received.(John Brent)

Francis R. Bateman, Dealer in Paper Hangings, house decorator & undertaker &

1882 Francis Read Bateman, Wholesale dealer in paper hangings, paperhanger, cabinet maker, house agent & undertaker, 4 & 5 St. Peter's Street

1889 F. R. Bateman, Cabinet maker & Undertaker

Francis R. Bateman, Alderman for the City and County of Canterbury, House Decorator & Undertaker (

Mary Palmer and Cassandra Beale, Milliners

early 1900 - Misses. Palmer & Beale, of King's Bridge, Canterbury. Are receiving daily deliveries of newest designs for Summer, in Millinery, Costumes, Mantles, &c. Latest Novelties from Paris.

1903 Palmer & Beale

1917 Palmer & Beale, millinery and costume warehouse

St. Peter's Street, no's 4 & 5

No. 5 (King's Bridge)

1838 John Russell PHILPOTT, Stationer, 5 St. Peter's street

Edward SLATER, Carver & Guilder

Francis R. BATEMAN, Dealer in Paper Hangings, house decorator & undertaker &

1882 Francis Read Bateman, Wholesale dealer in paper hangings, paperhanger, cabinet maker, house agent & undertaker, 4 & 5 St. Peter's Street

1889 F. R. Bateman, Cabinet maker & Undertaker

Francis R. Bateman, Alderman for the City and County of Canterbury, House Decorator & Undertaker (

1903 Charles UDEN, Fruit and Potato merchant (also 43a St. Peter's street)

1917 Victor Roi and Son, Cycle depot


No. 5 1/2

Samuel POLLARD, Watch Finisher %


All Saints Lane


No. 6

John R. PHILPOT, Toy Dealer %

*staying with Mr. Philpot is John Russell Beauvais, his cousin who is a Proprietor of Houses (died 1881)


Mary HART, agent for carrier *

1889 William Hammond LEE, Sutton & Co.'s Parcel Delivery

William Hammond Lee, Florence Hart (step-daughter), William H. Hart (step-son), Charlotte Maxted (sister-in-law), Frederick Maxted (nephew)

1903 William Hammond Lee, Agent for Sutton's Parcel Delivery


No. 6a

Green Grocer's Shop

George COURT, greengrocer and gardener *

George HOLTUM, Bootmaker )

1917 W. H. Lee Carriers Agent (C. Howard)

1917, Wright Bros. Saddlers; trunks, bags and suit cases, etc.

1925 The Art Agency, proprietor Col. H.B. McCormick, Porcelain, pictures, Persian rugs, etc.


No. 7

1838 (listed under Nobility, Gentry, Clergy and Retired Persons) Mrs. MASTERS, 7 St. Peter's Street

Francis R. HARRIS, Chemist %

Thomas MONK, Photographer

Henry T. WATERFIELD, Watchmaker

South Eastern Gazette Newspaper Office *

Charles SENDELL, Writer for the Press (Reporter) *

"November 4, 1882, The Christian Life - Canterbury: Death of Mr. Sendell - Our obituary contains the death of a widely respected and worthy man, who for many years has taken a real interest in keeping up our Unitarian services in Canterbury. Our friends can ill spare such a man from their thinned ranks. The Kentish Gazette says, "We regret to have to record the death of Mr. Charles Sendell, a journalist who has represented a Maidstone contemporary in this city for many years past. He was secretary to the Canterbury and District Licensed Vituallers' Association, and he enjoyed the confidence and esteem of the members. For the services he rendered to the Canterbury Horticultural Society - an association now defunct - he was presented with a handsome silver salver. He was a Freemason, and was also the local correspondent of the Times and other London newspapers. Year by year he published "The Canterbury Almanack," a publication which contains a great deal of useful information. He has been in failing health for a long time past, and he has been attended by Mr. Charles Holttum. The news of his death, which occurred on Thursday afternoon, was received with sorrow by his numerous friends. He leaves a widow but no family." *Catherine Sendell, was his wife

1882 South Eastern Gazette, F. W. & H. R. Cutbush, proprietors, Chas. Sendell, publisher - Monday & Saturday, 7 St. Peter's Street

1889 Dir. - Canterbury & District Licensed Victuallers' Protection Society. Office, 7, St. Peter's Street, Canterbury. Chairman, J. Coppin; Vice-Chairman and Treasurer, Thomas Burren; Secretary, Percival D. Eastes

1889 Charles E. James, Watchmaker and Jewellery repairer (Gold Jeweller)

*Charles Ephraim James (b. 1861) - married 1888 Mary Ann Mann

March 1896 - Mr. Charles E. James, Watchmaker of St. Peter's Street, Canterbury committed suicide at Dover on the 22nd by throwing himself over the East Cliff. Deceased had for some time suffered from an affection of the brain. He was observed by Mr. Long, a chemist, sitting close to the edge of the cliff and to drop himself over when he saw he was observed. The deceased's family were well known in Canterbury, and much sympathy was expressed with them, this being the third fatality which had occurred in the family within two or three years. (Age 35)

Dec. 26, 1896 - H.T. Waterfield, Practical Watch Maker & Jeweller, 7, St. Peter's Street, Canterbury. A choice selection of Watches, Clocks, Jewellery, Silver and Electro Plate always in hand. WEDDING AND KEEPER RINGS. All kinds of Watches, Clocks and Jewellery carefully repaired on the premises at the lowest possible prices.

1903 Henry Tween Waterfield, Watch Maker

1917 H. T. Waterfield, Watchmaker


No. 7a

Eating House

1882 Mrs. Susannah Sheepwash, Dining Rooms, her son Walter was a Teacher

1889 Martha PUNNETT, Tea & Coffee Rooms

1890's Tom D'Lane, Tailor & Eating House Proprietor

BIRTH - WILLIAMS, June 24th at 7a St. Peter's Street Canterbury the wife of A. W. WILLIAMS of a daughter (The Kentish Gazette and Canterbury Press, July 16, 1904)

1917 A. W. WILLIAMS, Dining Rooms


No. 8

Butchers Shop

Daniel BATEMAN, Butcher % &*

1882 Edward RAVINE, Butcher

1889 Edward Ravine, Butcher

Edward Ravine, Butcher )

1917 E. Ravine, Butcher


No. 9

Private House

1847 Mrs. Samuel POWELL, 9 St. Peter's Street

Samuel POWEL, Hosier %

William WEIR, Shareholder &

Edwin Bateman, Auctioneer *

1889 William Miles

Rachel Shaxby )

1917 E. Ravine, Butcher


No. 10

Private House

Charles HOLTTUM, F.R.C.S.E & LAC, Surgeon & Apothecary % ^ (died 1896)

his first wife passed away before 1851

*his daughter is Bessie L. Holttum born c. 1845

Thomas ASHENDEN, Surveyor *

1889 Edwin BATEMAN, Auctioneer & Valuer

John FIELD, Hardwareman )

1917 John FIELD, Stationer


The Friars


No. 11

Samuel HYDE, Printer & Compositor % &

Sarah HYDE, Tobacconist & Confectioner &

Samuel HYDE, Printer, Tobacconist, Sarah, Confectioner *

1889 Mrs. HYDE, Tobacco and Sweet Confectioner

Sarah HYDE, Tobacconist & Confectioner (

Elizabeth DUDLEY, Baker & Minnie Dudley, Tobacconists Manager )


The view of the back of the shop from St. Peter's graveyard

1903 Miss Elizabeth DUDLEY, Confectioner


1917 11 & 11A - G. H. HEATH, Tobacconist


No. 11A



No. 12

Wine & Spirit merchants shop


James HOMERSHAM, Grocer %

Alfred HATTON, Dentist &

John William BOYD, Curate of St. Peter & Holy Cross &

1884 Welby & Co., 12 St. Peter's Street (listed under wine & spirit merchants) The Post Office Directory of the Brewers and Maltsters 1884

1889 Welby & Co. Wine and Spirit Merchants

Arthur J. BREWSTER, Wine Merchant )

1903 Arthur J. BREWSTER, builder

1913 Welby & Co. Wine & Spirit Merchants

1917 Welby & Co. wine and spirit merchants (wholesale and retail) - A. Farreaux, proprietor

No. 13 and 13a closest to the front on the left


No. 13 St. Peters Street, c. 1889

"Lantern slide image inherited / digitised / provided by David D Wood (21.12.1967-), who was Grandson of Allen Litchfield West (1.1.1907-30.12.2000) who in turn was Great Nephew of Robert Young Banks (Jnr) 1850-1926)"

No. 13

Alfred SMITH, Fishmonger &

Robert Y. BANKS, Linen Draper

Sept 1885 Charles and Louisa HIGGENS, 13 St. Peters Street (Charles is a watchmaker)

1889 Charles HIGGINS, Watchmaker

Charles HIGGINS, Watchmaker )

1903 Charles HIGGINS, Watchmaker

1917 Ye Old Cathedral Antique Show Rooms; and at the Buttermarket



Thomas ANDREWS, Boot & Shoe Maker &

Mary and Annie LEFEVRE, Drapers *

1889 The Misses LEFEVRE, milliners and drapers

1894 newspaper AD - G. LEFEVRE, private tutor, journalists' agent and advertising contractor. Advertisements received for London and provincial papers. Life and Fire Insurance Agent. Address: 13a, St. Peter's Street, Canterbury

George LEFEVRE, Private Tutor and Antique Dealer )

1917 M. W. BACON, tobacconist




St. Peter's Lane

No . 14


CRICKETERS, John FILL, Victualler &



John Fill ....Where do you live? At the "Cricketers," St. Peter's Street. What are you? Engine proprietor. Is the "Cricketers" a public house? Yes. Does it belong to you? No, to my mother. ....Parliamentary Papers Jan 6 - Aug 27, 1881

John Fill, Publican )

1917 "KENTISH CRICKETERS" Edward Solly


No. 15

John PAMPLETT, Butcher &

(grandaughters of John Pamplett, Elizabeth HOGBEN, and Jane Elizabeth Margaret SPRINGALE)

Elizabeth HADDEN, Grocer

George BOURNE, Pork Butcher *

1889 Mrs. MARSHALL, Pork Butcher and Sausage maker

Stephen AMOS, Pork Butcher )

1903 Stephen AMOS, Pork Butcher

1917 D. RAVINE, Pork Butcher, 15 St. Peter's Street


15, 16, 17 & 18 St. Peters Street, the sign is for the "Three Compasses", it reads Geo. Beer & Co. Pale Ales


Pampletts Yard &


No. 16 (see picture below)

Mary Ann DITTON, Keeper of Fancy Repository &

1889 George BAKER, Umbrella Maker

Henry CORNEWALL, Tobacconist )

1903 Henry F. H. CORNEWALL, Tobacconist

1917 R. SAYER, Greengrocer


No. 16 and 17 St. Peters Street (no 16 on the right)


No. 17

William STICKALLS, Tailor & Outfitter &

1865 Poll for two knights of the shire..."name of voter and residence" 1739 William STICKALS, Whitstable Road, Canterbury, listed under parish of St. Peter (it is the parish of qualification) Voted for Dering

three candidates: Sir Edward Cholmeley Dering, Bart. - Sir Brook William Bridges, Bart. - Sir Norton Joseph Knatchbull, Bart.

William STICKALLS, Tailor & Hatter

William STICKALS, Outfitter*

1889 William STICKALS, Tailor (born c. 1821 died 1899)

Arthur A NOAKES, Photographic & Frame Maker )*wife Annie C. Noakes

1903 Arthur A. NOAKES, Photographer & Picture frame Maker (also at 29a, St. Margaret's Street)

1917 Mrs. A. L. WALKER, Fine Art Gallery

1925 Pickford's Travel Office

*Henry Stickals of St. Peter's Canterbury, clothier, bachelor (32) and Martha Mummery of the same, spinster (28). July 13, 1810

*christening of Henry Stickals to Henry and Martha Stickles, May 12, 1811, St. Peter's Canterbury

Martha christened September 18, 1814, Canterbury to Henry and Martha, Elizabeth christened March 10, 1816

*Henry Stickals of St. Peter's Canterbury, widower and Jane Gill of Holy Cross, Canterbury, spinster (30) at Holy Cross, April 25, 1828

1927 Pickfords Ltd. General Carriers, Warehouseing, 17 St. Peter's Street (also Chatham, Dover, Folestone, Gillingham, Gravesend, Maidstone, Ramsgate) (phone book)


No. 17 1/2

John WILLIS, Tallow Chandler


No. 18



George RYE, Licensed Victualler &

Henry Frederick CHARRISON. Where do you live? 18 St. Peter's Street. What are you? A licensed Victualler.....What is the name of your house? The "Three Compasses" Was that a committee room? No; I was promised, but on account of a child of mine being very ill, Mr. Bateman gave me 10s. as compensation. Did you give away anything in 1879? No, I took no part in it, I had not a vote then.. Parliamentary Papers Jan 6 - Aug. 27, 1881

1889, James STEVENS

Robert HARRISON, Runs the pub

William EVERTON, Licenced Victualler )



No. 19

Edward SWAIN, Baker

Thomas Edward STREDWICK, Baker *

1889 R. McWILLIAMS, Confectioner

Albert BROCK, Baker & Confectioner (

Albert J. BROCK, Baker & Confectioner )

1903 Albert Joseph BROCK, Baker

1907 - July 20th, Mrs. BROCK - Apartments (temporary); also Week Ends; moderate terms, central position, near Cathedral and S.E.R. - 19 St. Peter's Street, Canterbury

William PAINE: keeping for his own use and not returning a cornet, property of Charles BLACKMAN, a Shoemaker of 19 St. Peter's Street Canterbury. Both Paine & Blackman were members of the Canterbury City Band. Witness statements: Alfred Simons, a Dealer, of 41 East Street Sittingbourne and Sergeant Charles James Jury Canterbury Police. Imprisoned: 14 days, hard labour, in HMP St. Augustine's Canterbury.
4 Sep 1911 -Conviction Notice - Court of Summary Jurisdiction - Canterbury Cathedral Archives - CCA-CC-J/V/19117/31

1917 A. J. BROCK, Baker


No. 20

Charles WELBY, Grocer

Robert MILLS, Grocer * (Edward is his son)

1889 - early 90's Edward MILLS, Grocer

Grocers Shop )

1903 George T. HIBBLE, Grocer

1917 Hibble & Son, Grocers


No. 21

"CROWN AND SCEPTRE INN", William RYE (Flint & Sons)

1837 "The Prussian Hermits meet at the Crown and Sceptre, St. Peter's Street, every Wednesday evening at eight o'clock."

Benjamin CROWTHER, Licensed Victualler *

1889 E. J. DIXON

Mary A. DIXON, running the pub

John SOLLY, Licensed Victualler ) *running THE GLOBE on Castle street in 1917

1917 W. T. STROUD


No. 22

Thomas NUTT, Fishmonger

Sidney Gallery of Art

William W. SOWERFORD, Tailor *

1889 John CHANDLER, Rate Collector

John CHANDLER, Custodian of the School (

Arthur J. HARRIS, Caretaker, School of Art )


No. 23

Thomas K LINOM, Cabinet Maker (b. c. 1818 Canterbury) *was at 50 Burgate street in the early 1870's


1882 School of Art (Thos. Sydney Cooper R.A. artist)

1889 The Sidney Cooper, R.A. Gallery of Art

School of Art

1903 School of Science and Art (The Sidney Cooper), Joseph Ogden, Principal, George F. Francis, Secretary, Arthur John Harris, Curator

1917 The Sidney Cooper School of Art and Science, J. Ogden Esq. (A.R.C.A.), Headmaster; H. Fielding Esq. Secretary; A. J. Harris, Caretaker


No. 24

1838 (listed under Nobility, Gentry, Clergy and Retired Persons) Mrs. Sarah COOK, 24 St. Peter's Street

John H. PAYN, Linen Draper

*1854, Feb. 10th, Insolvent Debtors. John H. PAYN, Canterbury, Kent, out of business, Feb. 27 at 12, County Court of Kent, at Canterbury.

Thomas GIFFORD, Grocer *

1889 A. G. BAKER, Grocer

Mary Ellen AMES, Dress and Mantle Maker )

1903 Arthur Stanley GEORGE, Print Seller


1917 The Dutch Tea House

1922 The Dutch Tea House, Daintily served teas. Hot and Cold Luncheons 12:30 to 2 p.m. Light Refreshments. Pure Cream Ices a Speciality. High Class Home-made Cakes, Scones, and Chocolates. Smoking Room Ground Floor. Music, 4 - 6 pm. daily.

1925 The Dutch Tea House, Smoking room ground floor, Music 4 - 6 daily (the quiant old dutch fireplace, with its tiles and ingle-nook)


Showing Westgate Temperance Hotel on right

No. 25

No. 25 St. Peter's Street

1847 Mrs. Elizabeth STAINES, 25 St. Peter's Street

Elizabeth STAINES

"Insolvent Debtors - John H. PAYN, Canterbury, Kent, out of business, Feb. 14 at 11, County Court of Kent, at Canterbury." The Jurist 1855 - he was living at 24 St. Peter's Street, Canterbury with his wife, 2 sisters and 2 young sons - Linen Draper, became a Solicitor's Clerk, he was living near William Masters J.P.

James MOSS, Draper *


John W. SARGEANT, Westgate Coffee Tavern, John Secra*, Commercial Traveller (*possibly the Bookseller & Stationer of Kingsbridge in 1858) (

*John Secra passed away in 1894 in Dover, Kent

John W. SARGEANT, Proprietor of the Temperance Hotel )



No. 26

1847 William Masters, Nurseryman and landscape gardener, 26 St. Peter's Street


Euphenia K. KINMONT, Florist *

James KIDD, Nurseryman & Florist *

Euphemia KINMONT, and James KIDD, nurserymen, seedsmen and florists, 26 St. Peter's St., and Vauxhall, Canterbury. Ct. Canterbury. Debt. pet. June 15. The Law Journal, Bankrupt List, June 30, 1888

1889 George MOUNT, Nurseryman, Seedsman and Florist

George MOUNT, Florist Nurseryman and Organist (

"In 1924 the first housing estate was built on land purchased from Mounts Nurseries at Forty Acres"

Charles A. NORTH, Assistant in the Fruit and Flower Trade )

1902 George Barrett started his car business at No. 26 St. Peters street, by 1904 they took over No. 30 as well

1903 Barrett & Jackson, cycle and motor agents - George JACKSON, cycle agent

1917 Mrs. H. BUDD and E. E. Lee, antique dealers

1922 G. R. Barrett and son, West End Garage and Motor Works

1934 Mrs. Florence E. LEE, Wool Dealer, 26 St. Peter's Street, Canterbury


No. 27

Robert FORD, General Practitioner MRCS London LAC

1885 Kelly's Directory of the Leather Trades - Edward STONE, listed under Leather Glove Maker

William SIMMONDS, Hotel Waiter *

1889 Henry CLARK, Draper

John STOAKES, Gun Maker and Cycle Agent )

July 20, 1907 - Boy wanted, about 15, for Refreshment Room. - Apply, 27, St. Peter's Street, Canterbury

1917 The Misses L. and M. BARRETT


No. 28

Maria Goodwin &

Maria GOODWIN, Mortgate Holder, and great granddaughters Elizabeth TERRY and Minnie TERRY of Woodchurch, Kent *

1889 G. P. ARGRAVE, Photographer and Watchmaker

1903 Henri GASCON, Photographer

1905 AD

1917 Noakes & Co. (A.C. Noakes) Stationery and fancy depot


No. 29

Frederick Keyes, Auctioneer & Appraiser &

Frederick Keyes, Auctioneer *

1889 Fk. KEYES, Auctioneer

Nov 1909 Ellen Sophia Harrison had goods stolen, she was the wife of George HARRISON of 29 St. Peter's Street. Witness Frederick DRAYSON, a clerk employed by Mr. ASHENDEN of 29 St. Peter's Street. CCA

1917 Leonard Thomas ASHENDEN (F.S.I) Surveyor and land agent

F. A. REEVES, Chartered Accountant

G. HARRISON, Caretaker


Showing Barretts building on the bottom left (was destroyed in WW2)


No. 30

WESTGATE HOUSE *built by James Six

Showing Westgate House on the right before it became Barretts

Thomas W. COLLARD, Surveyor & Estate Agent, wife Harriet (Harriet ASHENDEN, mother in law) &


1878 - 1882 Misses Ann & Mary TERRY, Ladies' School

Clara L. Warren, Pupil Teacher, Florence R. Gerard, Teacher of French & 3 scholars *

1889 Miss TERRY, Establishment For Young Ladies (Young Ladies' School)

1902 George BARRETT started his car business at No. 26 St. Peters street, by 1904 they had also taken over No. 30

1903 Canterbury & District Co-operative Society Limited, F. Wood, secretary

1907 Cricket Bats, largest stock in the Town. Boys' and youths' bats from 4 1/2d. to 7s. 6d. - G. R. Barrett, 30 St. Peter's Street, Canterbury

1917 C. R. Barrett, motor cycle agent

1929 G. R. Barrett & Son, 30 St. Peter's St., Canterbury. Rover. The Car that will exactly satisfy your every requirement. Handsome, luxurious, and possessed of an amazingly fine road performance, the latest Rover models are the most satisfactory motor-cards of 1929. They are, moreover guaranteed for two years. Full particulars with pleasure from the authorised distributors.








Pound Lane



TOWER HOUSE - S. Williamson, Esq.




St. Peters Place

Showing St. Peter's place where the car's are. The proclamation procession is in front of Holy Cross Church on St. Peter's Street near the Westgate.



No. 33

1859 - 1867 Alfred Benjamin ANDREWS, Surgeon, 33 St. Peter's Street, Westgate, MRCSE LAC

Alfred B. ANDREWS, General Practioner of Medicine, Olive M. Philpott, nurse &

John B. Gill, Physician, M.D. MRCSE *


Saturday, August 9, 1890 (WTHBH) - Petitions have been filed in the Canterbury Bankruptcy Court by Thomas TERRY, William TERRY, and Charles TERRY Westgate, Canterbury, builders; solicitor, Mr. R. M. Mercer, Canterbury; and by John HARTLEY, 56 Palace Street, Canterbury, fishmonger and poulterer; solicitor, Mr. Horace Broughton, Canterbury.

TENDERS - May 1863...For a Baptist Chapel at Canterbury (St. George's Place), Searle, Son & Yelf, architects:

TERRY...£3138 (might be this TERRY above)

1903 Henry Beauchamp COLLIS, Photographer (H. B. Collis)

1917 Ackland & Youngman (late H. B. Collis) artistic photographers, enlargers, and picture framers


No. 34

Walter REEVE, Chemist &

Henry NORNAM, Chemist *

1882 Reeve & Norman, Dispensing Chemists

1885 - Kelly's Directory - Listed under Chemists & Druggists - Walter REEVE, Westgate, Canterbury

1889 Walter REEVE, Chemist

1917 B. MANDSON, Pharmacist


No. 35

Henry DEAN, Boot & Shoe Manufacturer &

Henry DEAN, Bootmaker *

1885 Kelly's Directory of the Leather Trades - Henry DEAN, listed under Boot & Shoe Makers, Warehouses & Dirs.

1889 H. DEAN, Boot and shoe manufacturer

1917 J. HARDEN, Photographer

1927 W. PENNY, Fishmonger, 35 St. Peter's Street, Canterbury (phone book)


Dean's Passage


No. 36

Charles HIGGINS, Watchmaker & Jeweller &

Thomas DEAN, Retired Bootmaker, Edwin DEAN, son, artist *

1885 Kelly's Directory of the Leather Trades - Henry DEAN, listed under Boot & Shoe Makers, Warehouses & Dirs.

1889 H. DEAN, boot and shoe manufacturer

1903 Miss Florence DAVIS, Milliner

1917 Percy WARE, Hairdresser and tobacconist; hand made cigarettes a specialty


No. 37


This building was formerly used by Huguenot Weavers

Henrietta M. HARVEY, Shopkeeper &

William BAILEY, Harnesmaker &

Thomas FULLAGER, Fancy Repository *

1882 John SOLLY, Shopkeeper

1889 Thomas HARVEY, Stationer and Fancy Repository

1903 Thomas HARVEY, Stationer

1905 AD

1917 T. TRITTON, Stationer


No. 38

William WARMAN, Schoolmaster

"John Foat COZENS' first wife, Ada was the daughter of William WARMAN who lived at no 38 before the Masons. William WARMAN was a private teacher of mathematics." *Thanks to Catherine for this note

Marriage 1859 in Canterbury John Foat COZENS to Ada WARMAN

FREE MASON'S HALL (Masonic Temple, Built 1880)


1882 Masonic Hall, Robert EWELL, Hall Keeper

1889 Masonic Hall, Robert EWELL, hall keeper, Masonic Hall, resident tyler, Robert Blake

William Halward, Caretaker of the Masonic Temple and Lay Clerk of the Canterbury Cathedral )

1917 Masonic Temple, R. TOMALIN, caretaker

Above showing no. 40, 39, 38, 37 towards the gate on the left

No. 39

1838 (listed under Nobility, Gentry, Clergy and Retired Persons) John COBB, 39 St. Peter's Street

1847 Mrs. Sarah COOK (see 24 St. Peter's Street)

1889 R. JOHNSON, Coal Merchant & Fish Monger

Susannah SHAXBY *

December 20, 1894 - Coals. Coals. Coals. R. Johnson, Coal Merchant, Poulterer, and fishmonger, 39 St. Peter's Street, Canterbury. Coals at Current Prices. Cash Prices. Best Wallsend 24s. Silkstone 24s. Second House 22s. Best Kitchen 21s. Steam 21s and 22s. Coke 13s. per chal.

1895 R. JOHNSON, Coal Merchant, Poulterer and Fishmonger. 39 St. Peter's Street, Canterbury

December 26, 1896 - Coals. Coals. Coals. R. Johnson, Coal Merchant, Poulterer, and Fishmonger, St. Peter's Street, Canterbury. Coals at Current Prices. Kent & Canterbury Press

Richard JOHNSON, Coal & Fish Merchant )

1903 Richard JOHNSON, Coal merchant and fishmonger

1917 F. W. COOPER, Dairyman





A parade in St. Peter's street, October 20th, 1945

No. 40


Miss Julia Elizabeth DODD *GRIFFIN INN

Canterbury Police Court - An authority to sell in the "Black Griffin" St. Peter's, was granted to Mr. Myles JORDAN, a discharged soldier. (KG April 12, 1870)


William MANWARING, Victualler )


2007 HOBGOBLIN'S formerly "Black Griffin"


Black Griffin Lane

No. 41

John AIANO, Bricklayer %

(in 1830 there was a John AIANO in St. Peter's working as a Victualler, from the Poll Book)

1889 William MUIRHEAD

Ellen & Katherine COOPER, Dairy ) ST. PETER'S DAIRY

1903 Misses Ellen & Katherine COOPER, Dairy

1917 Henry OVENDEN

A.S. BACON. Tobacconist and Fancy Goods. Fine Selection of Pipes Pouches & Lighters. National Costume Dolls. 41 St. Peter's Street, Canterbury. Tel. 64111 c. 1960's


No. 42

Richard HALSEY, Parish Clerk %

1889 Thomas FLEURY, Cowkeeper

William BROWNHILL, Worstead Manufacturer (weaver) )

1903 William BROWNHILL, 42 St. Peters Street

1917 Miss L. SMITHSON


Showing No. 44, 43a and 43 St. Peter's Street

No. 43

Thomas BUTLER, Proprietor of Bath Chairs %


From the Exchange Column (The British Journal of Photography) A studio well-made, easy to take down or put up, built in panels, and in good condition, will be exchanged for apparatus, &c. up to £20 - Address, Manager, 43 St. Peter's Street - December 29, 1876

1882 Edmund King PAYNE, tobacconist, 43 St. Peter street (1881 in Herne)

1889 F. COOPER, St. Peter's Dairy ?? see no. 41 above

William McDougall, Hairdresser )

1917 Gurneys, Provision Merchants

1934 Wallace MUMFORD, photographer, 43 & 43a St. Peter's Street, Canterbury

No. 43a

1889 Miss E. MILLER, Fruiterer

1903 C. UDEN, English & Foreign Fruiterer, and government contractor

1917 J. SAYER, Fruiterer

1934 Wallace MUMFORD, photographer, 43 & 43a St. Peter's Street, Canterbury


No. 44

1838 Miss Margaret MASON, boarding (listed under Academies and Seminaries), 44 St. Peter's Street

1847 Peter CRAIG, Gentleman, 44 St. Peter's Street

*Peter CRAIG, from Scotland %

1865 Poll for two knights of the shire..."name of voter and residence" 1726 GOULDEN, Charles, 44 St. Peter's Street, Canterbury, listed under parish of St. Peter (it is the parish of qualification) Voted for Dering

three candidates: Sir Edward Cholmeley Dering, Bart. - Sir Brook William Bridges, Bart. - Sir Norton Joseph Knatchbull, Bart.

1870 Mr. E. B. GOULDEN, 44 St. Peter's Street, Canterbury (from Yearbook of Pharmacy, list of Members)

1873 Return of Owners of Land, Kent - William H. LINON, Acres 35 1 24 Rent 98 4

1889 George A. STORY, Dentist


1917 VALE HOUSE, John E. HUSBANDS, Esq., Dentist, A. Bradley, Esq.


No. 45

Robert John SPRAKELING, Retired dealer in Foreign Fruits, wife Mary %

*moved to St. George's Place, died December 13th, 1851 aged 71 years

"Death at Canterbury, aged 71, Robert John Sprakeling, esq. for many years one of the magistrates of that city." (GM1852)

Charles GOULDEN, Retired Stationer *

1889 Mrs. Charles GOULDEN


Arthur B. R. SWOON, General Practitioner)

1903 Arthur Ben Richman SWORN

1917 Prudential Assurance Co.


No. 46


George SMALL, Tailor %

Sarah Ann SMALL, Dressmaker %

*there was a Sarah Ann Small, widow, annutant, with son Frederick Small, Barristers Clerk in Clerkenwell, Middlesex in the early 50's, Sarah was born in Canterbury (possibly the same SMALL family?)

1882 Mrs. Sarah PRESTON, fancy repository

1889 Mrs. Sarah PRESTON, Fancy Repository

Maria BRETT, Toy and Fancy Shop Keeper )

1903 Miss Maria BRETT, Fancy repository

1917 F. H. HART, Fancy repository



No. 47

Henry JENNINGS, Butcher %

Edward LEFEVRE, Fancy Repository &


1882 Edward LEFEVRE, Worsted Manufacturer

1889 Edward LEFEVRE, Worsted manufacturer

February 25, 1893 (WTHBH) Death of Mr. E. Lefevre - On Thursday evening last there passed away from our midst one of our oldest and most respected citizens - the late Mr. Edward Lefevre, of St. Peter's Street. The Lefevres, as their name indicates, are of French origin and came over to this country about the middle of the 16th century during the Huguenot Persecution. Many of the refugees at that time found an asylum in this city, and established amongst the then inhabitants, the useful arts of silk-weaving, lace-making, wool-combing, etc. The family of the Lefevres was connected with the latter and for more than 300 years its representatives have carried on in Canterbury the business of wool-combers and worsted manufacturers. Mr. Edward Lefevre served his apprenticeship under his father Mr. James Lefevre, in the old building known as the Archbishop's Palace. Afterwards he went into Yorkshire where he remained for some time. Coming back to Canterbury he laboured with untiring engergy and zeal at the worsted-making, combing and spinning being then done by hand alone. He also devoted a great deal of time and attention to the dyeing of wool, and managed to produce in the long run "fast dyes" especially in navy blues then in great demand, which his predecessors had hitherto failed to discover. About 27 years ago the retail business in St. Peter's Street was commenced, and year by year it has grown and developed until it is now the largest business of the kind in the South of England. Wools of every description are weekly sent into all parts of Great Britain and Ireland, France, India and the Colonies. Over 100 ladies of title in this country patronize the firm - many of whom have sent letters of condolence to the family.

Dec 1896 - Edward LEFEVRE, Wool Shop, 47, St. Peter's Street. No other address. Still shewing some very cheap fancy articles suitable for presents; also just received a Very Large Consignment of English-made Goods - Bamboo Tables, Stands, Etc., cheapest goods ever offered. Also a Very Large Stock of Aprons, Pinafores, Etc., and Men's cardigan jackets. Also an enormous range of Natural Wool and Flannelette Underclothing, including some special lots of Night Dresses much under regular prices.

Eliza Mullett LEFEVRE (Drapers House) )

1913 Edward LEFEVRE, 47 & 48 St. Peter's Street, listed under Wool Merchants

1917 Edward LEFEVRE (Samuel Lefevre) draper, etc.


Wool Shop

No. 48

James BRESS, Harness Maker %

Francis BROWN, Fancy Goods Dealer &


1882 Edward LEFEVRE, Worsted Manufacturer

1889 Edward LEFEVRE, Worsted manufacturer

December 26, 1896 - Edward Lefevre, Wool Shop, 47, St. Peter's Street. No other address. Still shewing some very cheap fancy articles suitable for presents: also just received a very large consignment of english made goods. Bamboo tables, stands, etc., cheapest goods ever offered. Also a very large stock of aprons, pinafores, etc., and mens cardigan jackets. Also an enormous range of Natural Wool and Flannelette Underclothing, including some special lots of Night Dresses much under regular prices. Kent & Canterbury Press

Eliza Mullett LEFEVRE (Drapers House) )

1913 Edward LEFEVRE, 47 & 48 St. Peter's Street, listed under Wool Merchants

1917 Edward LEFEVRE (Samuel Lefevre) draper, etc.


No. 49



Richard KEMPTON, Professor of Music and Victualler &

William S. BUSHNELL, Victualler )


August 2, 1913 - Manager E. Cawse-Morgon

The Eagle's Claw, The study of a modern scientific criminal in a series of breathless sensations

Special cricket week attractions. Monday Tuesday and Wednesday, George Gray in "The Fighting Parson" Thursday, Friday and Saturday - Will Evans in his screamingly absurdity, "Harnessing a Horse"


No. 50


Robert WELBY, Baker &

Bakers Shop *

1889 Mrs. Frances M. WELBY, Baker & Confectioner

George SAUNDERS, Baker, Confectioner & Shopkeeper )

1905 AD


1917 G. SAUNDERS, Baker

Large or small parites catered for

Luncheon and Tea Room. Cycles Stored.

Ices and Minerals.

Try Saunders' Bread

Nothing Better

Agent for Carr's Malt Bread


No. 51


My special thanks to Catherine Hayden for the photo on the left, showing St. Peter's Methodist Chapel in the background

Johnathan BUNDOCK, Ironmonger %

1852 Poll Book - Jonathan BUNDOCK - List of persons who have claimed and are registered to vote in Tunbridge District in which their places of abode are situate, or who are not resident in the County of Kent - St. Peter's Street, Canterbury

1855, PP - year 1831 - defendents name, John TEVELEIN - plaintiffs name, Jonathan BUNDOCK - debt, 13s - costs, 3s. - number of days for which each debtor committed in default of payment, 20 days

1855 John BUNCOCK, Stationer, St. Peter's-street (Hodson's Booksellers, publishers and stationers' directory)

1864 Marriage Canterbury Lydia Finch Cozens to Francis Bundock

Son John G. BUNDOCK heads for Mile End Old Town London

*death of a Johathan BUNDOCK, Canterbury, 1866

Francis BUNDOCK, Stationer and Insurance Agent &


1889 J. FIELD, Birmingham and Sheffield Warehouse

1917 FIELD & JORDON, Hardware dealers




St Peter's Methodist Church, St. Peters Street, Canterbury


No. 52

Coal Merchants Office *

1889 George PILCHER, Coal Factory

Clarissa GLOVER, Indian and Chantal Art Dealer )

1903 Pilch, Collard & Co. Limited, coal merchants, 1 Upper Bridge Street, 38 North Lane, Gordon Road & 52 St. Peter's Street

1903 Misses C. & A. GLOVER, fancy repository

1905 AD

1917 The Halford Cycle Co. (ltd.)


No. 53


*I believe there is an article in Archaelogia Cantiana page 123, 1971, on the house

Cogan's hospital is also in St. Peter's Street on the south side. Mr. Cogan of the city of Canterbury, gave by will, dated July 27, 1657, his mansion house in St. Peter's Canterbury in trust to the mayor and corporation, for the habitation of six poor widows of clergyman of the diocese of Canterbury, and endowed it with the lands of the late archbishop lying in Littlebourn; but these being resumed at the restoration, the house only remained unendowed. This was, however, in 1696, in some measure compensated by the benefaction of Dr. Aucher, a prebendary of the cathedral, who vested an estate in trustees for the payment of ten pounds a year to six clergymen's widows, giving a preference to those in Cogan's house. This house was, some time since, put into substantial repair from private subscriptions. 1825

Thomas WELLS, Tailor and owner of land, his son Arthur is also a Tailor. His daughter Eliza Wells married Frederick Lewis Carter in 1870 in Canterbury, Thomas has a granddaughter Amy. &

1873 (return of owners of Land, Kent) Thomas Wells, 53, St. Peter's Street, Canterbury - 16 2 33 (acres) 28 0 (rent)

53a Tailor Draper & Milliners Shop *

Pharmaceutical Journal November 11, 1882 - Pharmacy Act, 1868. Rectification of the registers of Pharmaceutical chemists and chemists and druggists. We are requested by the Registrar to publish the following list of persons whose names will be erased from the Registers unless they communicate with him on or before 30th December next: Frederick Lewis Carter, Canterbury *Frederick had passed away in 1872 in Canterbury (see above, he was married to Eliza Wells)

1889 53 & 53 A, Arthur WELLS, Draper and Tailor

Arthur Wells, 53 St. Peter's Street - Saunders

Thomas WELLS )

1917 53 & 53a - A. WELLS, Tailor & Draper

(Kentish Gazette & Canterbury Press, April 8, 1933) G. H. Hunter Limited - Men's & Boys' Complete Outfitters, Tailors, Telephone 611, 53, 53a, St. Peter's Street, Canterbury, and Ashford, Kent (AD)


No. 54

1838 Mrs. Elizabeth POND, Brawn Manufacturer, 54 St. Peter's Street

1847 Harriet POND, Brawn Maker, 54 St. Peter's Street

1889 J. FINCH, Sweets Confectioner

Ernest J. TAYLOR, Blacksmith )

1903 A.S. TAYLOR, high-class confectioner- A large selection of Fancy Boxes of Bon Bons, &c. Agent for Fuller's. Chocolates and Confectionery by all the leading English and Foreign Makers. (Ada S. Taylor, Ernest's wife)

August 2, 1913 - Transfer of Business. E. A. COUCHMAN begs to announce that she has taken over the business carried on at 54 St. Peter's Street, Canterbury, where she intends to supply Teas and Light Refreshments at popular prices; under personal supervision; trial solicited.

1917 THE CHAUCER Confectionery & Tobacco Company (F. L. and J. Camp)


No. 55

1839 Richard KENDALL, Watchmaker, 55 St. Peter's Street

Milliners Shop *

1882 Mrs. Jane BAILEY, Milliner & Dress Maker

1889 S. N. ALLSWORTH, Milliner and Dressmaker


1903 Miss Susan Naomi ALLSWORTH, Milliner & Dress Maker

1917 The Cathedral Dairy - W. J. SLATFORD


No. 56

No. 56 & 57 St. Peter's Street

Clothiers Shop *

1889 C. A. NORTH, Clothier & Outfitter

1897 - 1924 George Percy ARGRAVE, Watchmaker


No. 57

Ann & Mary COLCOCK, Pastry Cooks &

Confectioners Shop *

1889 T. J. WHITEMAN, Confectioner

Annie W. BOURNE, Confectioner )

1903 Mrs. Annie BOURNE, Confectioner

1917 Miss BOURNE, Confectioner


No. 58



No. 59 St. Peter's Street

No. 59

Charles GOULD, Tinplate worker &

1865 Poll for two knights of the shire..."name of voter and residence" 1725 GOULD, Charles, St. Peter's Street, Canterbury, listed under parish of St. Peter (it is the parish of qualification) Voted for B, K.

three candidates: Sir Edward Cholmeley Dering, Bart. - Sir Brook William Bridges, Bart. - Sir Norton Joseph Knatchbull, Bart.


No. 60


1889 Rev. Thomas George CROSSE, Master of Eastbridge Hospital

Thomas G. GROSSE, Rector of St. Alphege with All Saints, Masters Lodge, King's Bridge (

Master's Lodge (Eastbridge Hospital) - Rev. CLARKE (P.A.L, B.A)


No. 61

1889 Mrs. P. WHITE

Patrick White and wife Charlotte White, Walter M. WHITE, Chemists assistant (

1917 Alfred C.A. Tong, "The City Tailor", hatter, etc.


No. 62

1889 Kentish Express and Ashbridge* News office; W. H. Fiddian, manager *the directory says Ashbridge

William H. FIDDIAN, Reporter (


1917 KENTISH EXPRESS & ASHFORD NEWS, and The Tuesday Express (branch office) C. W. Marsh, Manager


King's Bridge



George Game, William Wake, Charles Iggleden, Elizabeth Pamphlett, Frances Palmer, Esther J. Wilson, Mary A. Jamson, Mary Crouch (



1473. Cokyn's-lane, in St. Peter's-street, is first letten to a tenant, and has been lately sold. HT


March 2nd, 1803 - At her house in St. Peter's Street, Canterbury, aged 70, Mrs. Celestina Collins, widow. Although possessing an income of 70l. per annum, her habit's of life were singularly disgusting, and her disposition and peculiarities so eccentric, that she may be truly said to have verified the old adage, "de gustibus nil disputandum." During many years, here constant companions were from 16 to 23 fowls, whose ordure defiled as well her bed, and every article of her furniture, as the plate out of which she ate. A favourite cock, whose age might be calculated, from his spurs being three inches long, and an equally favoured rat, were for a length of time constant attendants at her table, each partaking of the fragments which even her penury shared with them; till one day, the rat, not preserving due decorum towards its rival, met his death from the hands of his mistress. Her predeliction for vermin prevailed so much, that at her death, a nest of mice was found in her bed. Among the bequests of her will are, 5l. to the minister of the parish for a funeral sermon, 50l. to the Kent and Canterbury hospital, and the same sum to the parish of St. Peter, and one guinea to each of the persons who should carry her to the grave; besides many other legacies, generally to persons in no degree related to her. AR1803

....The house, in which she resided contained, besides the room in which she constantly lived and slept, two others, that had not been permitted to be opened for many years. Among the bequests in her will, were 50l. to the Kent and Canterbury Hospital; the same sum to the parish of St. Peter; 5l. to the Minister of the parish, for a funeral sermon, and one guinea to each of the persons who should carry her to the grave, besides many other legacies, generally to persons in no degree related to her. Kirby's - R.S. Kirby 1804



John ATKINS, bookseller

Henry BAYNES, sadler

William BLACKMAN, butcher

Thomas BRADSHAW, clock and watch maker

William BUSBY, Staffordshire warehouse

John CHEAVELE, woolstapler / worsted manufacturer

John COOPER, pawnbroker

William DEAN, butcher

Benjamin FULLER, brazier

William HOBDAY, plumber and glazier

James HOMERSHAM, grocer

Charles HOMERSHAM, plumber and glazier

William HORSLEY and Co. brandy merchants

H & P JEWDIVINE, ladies boarding school (Jewdwine / Jeudwine)

Thomas LAMING, butcher

James LOVE, baker

William MASTERS, nursery and seedsman

Stephen MUMMERY, slopseller

William MUMMERY, boot and shoe maker

James PHILPOT, cooper

Susannah RUSSELL, cloths warehouse

Stephen SOLLY, grocer


March 11, 1809, death in St. Peter's Street, Canterbury, Benjamin KELLEY, esq. formerly of St. John's College, Cambridge - GM



Miss JEUDWINE, St. Peter's Street - Listed under Academies *was a Harriot Holt JEUDWIN, ladies boarding school in 1791 (no address listed)

John PHILPOT, St. Peter's Street - Listed under Academies


Poll Book 1830

William READ, St. Peter's Street, Canterbury, Plumber

unpolled, Thomas BAILEY Jnr., woolstapler, St. Peter's

unpolled, Daniel DECAUFOUR, gentleman, St. Peter's

*will of Daniel Decaufour, Gentleman of Saint Peter the Apostle in Canterbury, Kent, Jan 13, 1834 (available at the National Archives site)

his wife Mary is buied in Holy Cross Cemetery, died 1822

unpolled, James HOMERSHAM, grocer, St. Peter's

unpolled, Henry LEPINE, watchmaker, St. Peter's

unpolled, Charles LINOM, schoolmaster, St. Peter's

unpolled, James PARNELL, gentleman, St. Peter's

Stephen BACK, cabinetmaker, St. Peter's

Thomas BACK, victualler, St. Peter's Street

William LUCAS, labourer

Thomas PARNUM, basket maker

Morris HAYWARD, grocer

Edward BAILEY, carpenter

Edward HUNT, carpenter, St. Peter's Street

Richard T. MARSH, butcher, St. Peter's Street

Thomas CACKET, cabinetmaker, St. Peter's Street

John GRIST, surveyor, St. Peter's

George GRIST, surveyor, St. Peter's

James BOREE, carpenter, St. Peter's

William LAMING, servant, St. Peter's

Edward BIGG, wheelwright, St. Peter's

William THORNTON, surgeon, St. Peter's

John THORNTON, surgeon, St. Peter's

Frederick THORNTON, surgeon, St. Peter's

Richard SELLING, cordwainer (shoe maker), St. Peter's

John HALSEY, cordwainer, St. Peter's

James HOMERSHAM, jr. woolstapler, St. Peter's

William STREDWICK, smith, St. Peter's

William EATON, cordwainer, St. Peter's

Abraham BAILEY, tailor, St. Peter's

Edward FULLER, baker, St. Peter's

David NASH, cordwainer, St. Peter's

Richard STEVENSON, cabinetmaker, St. Peter's

Thomas BAYLEY, woolstapler, St. Peter's

Charles BEAUVAIS, pawnbroker, St. Peter's street

Charles HOMERSHAM, plumber, St. Peter's street

*Will of Charles Homersham, plumber & glazier of Saint Peter, Canterbury, Kent, Nov 9, 1835 (at the National Archives)

Evan JONES, yeoman, St. Peter's

Richard WELLARD, hairdresser, St. Peter's street

William EVANS, cordwainer, St. Peter's

George MARTIN, cordwainer, St. Peter's street

John C. MARSH, victualler, St. Peter's street

William MASTERS, jun., nurseryman, St. Peter's street

William MASTERS, gentleman, St. Peter's

Edward LAMING, butcher, St. Peter's

William HOBDAY, gentleman, St. Peter's

Charles LEPINE, watchmaker, St. Peter's street

I. H. STEVENS, gentleman, St. Peter's street

William LEPINE, gentleman, St. Peter's street

John BAILEY, carpenter, St. Peter's

John ATTWOOD, van driver, St. Peter's

William READ, plumber, St. Peter's street

John GOODCHILD, tailor, St. Peter's

Henry STICKALLS, clothier, St. Peter's

George COOPER, mason, St. Peter's

John LAMING, cabinet maker, St. Peter's

William WELBY, baker, St. Peter's street

John R. PHILPOTT, schoolmaster, St. Peter's

Richard HALSEY, plumber, St. Peter's

George COX, tailor, St. Peter's

James MUMMERY, bricklayer, St. Peter's

Daniel FEDARB, cordwainer, St. Peter's

William MUMMERY, cordwainer, St. Peter's

George BATES, coach trimmer, St. Peter's



John FEDARB, Cordwainer

Johnathan BUNDOCK, Ironmonger

William WELBY, Baker, son George WELBY, Hearld Printer (newspaper)

Stephen MARRELL, Victualler

Roy?... ANDREWS, Wesleyan Minister

William BRINES, Shoe Seller

George DAVIS, Coach Proprietor

Henry JENNINGS, Butcher

Edward ROUSE, Inn Proprietor

George GRIST, Surveyor


Mary MASON, Schoolmistress

Mary JENKINS, Schoolmistress


From the Jurist (1849) - Joseph MORRIS, Canterbury, Kent, Licensed Victualler: in the Gaol of Canterbury. He was a licensed victualler in St. Peter's Street


"In St. Peter's Street a wool warehouse occupies the site of the Dominican Convent or Black Friars, who settled here c. 1217; some portions of their once extensive priory still remain, being now converted into tenements." 1882D

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