"..and in April, 1870, a well, no doubt the "Old Red Pump Well," was discovered in the middle of Palace Street, opposite Mr. Mummery's. It was 4 feet wide, and compactly made of flint work - a very ancient well." JB

1818 the Union Workhouse is located in Palace Street

Orange street looking towards the Friars from No. 1 Palace Street (notice the Red Pump on the wall)

Clxxviii. An Act for enabling the commissioners of the pavement of the city of Canterbury to improve and alter the line of certain streets called Palace street, the Borough of Staplegate, and Northgate street from the entrance into the archbishop's palace in Palace Street to Cold Harbour Lane in Northgate street aforesaid, within the said city of Canterbury, and the county of the same city, and the county of Kent. AR 1825

At the entrance of Palace Street (on the left of Orange Street) is a small court called Dancing School Yard, in which is the Theatre. The buildings around this court were formerly the mansion and residence of Sir Thomas More, Lord Chancellor of England, beheaded in the reign of Henry VIII., for denying the King's supremacy.


No. 1

1838 John LINOM, day (listed under Academies and Seminaries), 1 Palace Street

1840 William CRIPPEN, Boot & Shoe Maker, 1 Palace Street

1840 John LYNAN (Academy/School), 1 Palace Street

1847 Henry GURNEY, Stationer, 1 Palace Street

Edward SWAIN, Pork Butcher %

1858 Edward SWAIN, Pork Butcher, Palace Street

John KELLY, Cordwainer %

John ADDIS, Pork Butcher ^

James SWAN, Pork Butcher &

Joel HOLLOWAY, Leather Currier *

1880 Mummery Brothers, 1 Palace Street, Canterbury; & Stembrook, Dover Kelly's Directory of the Leather Trades 1880

1885 Kelly's Directory of the Leather Trades - Mummery Brothers, listed under Curriers, Fellmongers, Leather Merchants & Tanners & Leather Dressers

1903 George Augustus Bacon, Tanner

"The Rush Market, where rushes were sold, was held at the Red Well; a red pump as a sign on a house in Palace Street still indicates the locality. The demand for rushes arose from the almost universal practice of strewing them upon the floors of houses before the use of carpets became general."


No. 2

1840 James BROWNE, Boot & Shoe Maker, 2 Palace Street

Ann BROWNE, Shoe Seller %

Annie BROWNE, Dealer of ladies shoes ^

William K. CURTIS, Surgeon East Kent Militia ^

Ann BROWNE, Shoe Dealer &

1879 - Mr. W. MOUNT, 2 Palace Street - Yearbook of Pharmacy

William MOUNT, Chemist, working for him was William Bassenden as an assistant * I believe William Bassenden was the son of John Edward and Sarah Ann Bassenden

1881 Mr. W. MOUNT, Palace Street, Canterbury (from the Report of the East Kent Natural History Society)

1885 Kellys Directory - Listed under Chemists & Druggists - William MOUNT, 2 Palace Street, Canterbury

1885 - Associates of the Kennel Club, Mr. W. Mount, 2 Palace Street

1903 William MOUNT, Chemist

1917 G. PESENTI, Restaurant

Above photo courtesy of G. Pesenti (also showing Thomas Young's Butcher shop next door)



No. 3

1838 The Misses Margaret and Isabella MILLER, ladies', boarding and day (listed under Academies and Seminaries), 3 Palace Street

1838 Alexander MILLER, listed under Nobility, Gentry, Clergy and Retired Persons, 3 Palace Street

1840 Isabella MILLER (School), 3 Palace Street

1847 Joseph HOOKER, Furnishings Undertaker, 3 Palace Street

John W. DAVEY, Town Sargeant %

John W. DAVEY, Green Grocer & Town Sargeant ^

*there was a John W. DAVEY in 1830 in Palace street, working as a Cordwainer

William AIANO, Shoe Maker & (moved to Watling Street) son Davey

Thomas YOUNG, Butcher *

1903 T. W. YOUNG


No. 4

1847 John W. DAVEY, Fruitereer and Greengrocer

*there was a John W. DAVEY in 1830 in Palace street, working as a Cordwainer

Matthias HEIZMAN, Clock & Watch maker %

1858 Mathias HEIZMAN, Clock & Watch Maker, Palace Street

Matthias HEIZMAN, Watch & Clock Maker ^

Susannah DAVEY&

Charles William BROOKS, Cork Merchant *

1882 Charles William BROOKS, Cork Cutter

1884 - Charles William Brooks, 4 Palace Street (Cork Cutter & Manufacturer) The Post Office Directory of the Brewers and Maltsters 1884

1885 Kellys Directory - Listed under Cork Cutters and Manufacturers - Charles William BROOKS, 4 Palace Street, Canterbury

1903 William Lawrence


No. 5

James RIDOUT, Independent $ (?)

William Horsley %

William J. Bowles, Tailor ^

Thomas Easton (Leather Factors, Manufactures and Merchants, 1880) Kelly's Directory of the Leather Trades 1880

1882 Thomas Easton, Boot Maker

1885 Kelly's Directory of the Leather Trades - Thomas Easton, listed under Boot & Shoe Makers, Warehouses & Dirs.

1894 J. G. B. Stone, The Cash Tailoring Depot, Gentlemen desirous of obtaining High Class Tailoring without incurring the enormous profits charged in private trades will do well in visiting the above establishment. Price list on application.

1903 John G. B. Stone, Tailor

1917 John G. B. Stone, Tailor


No. 6

George FRANCIS, Plumber $

George Francis, Plumber %

1858 Susannah Frances, Plumber & Glazier (Palace Street)

*a death of a Susannah Francis in 1868 in Canterbury

Susannah Francis, Plumber & Glazier ^

1905 AD


1839 Charles PITT, Conveyancer, 7 Palace Street

1840 Charles PITT, Conveyancer, 7 Palace Street

Jessie WHITE, Clothier, family, Heziah White (wife), sons William, Jesse, Thomas, Edmund and Charles, daughter Mary $

Jesse White, Clothier %

William F. White, General Draper & Ironfounders Gentleman ^

1882 Alfred John BAKER, Grocer

1903 A. J. Baker


An Act for enabling the Commissioners of the Pavement of the City of Canterbury to improve and alter the Line of certain Streets, called Palace Street, The Borough of Staplegate and Northgate Street, from the Entrance into the Archbishop's Palace, in Palace Street, to Cold Harbour Lane in Northgate Street aforesaid, within the said City of Canterbury and the County of the same City, and the County of Kent. 22d June 1825 (The Statutes of the United Kingdom of Great Britian and Ireland 1807-1868/69)


No. 8

Jane PENN, Broker $ (?)

Dividends - 1843 William Penn of No. 8 Palace Street, Canterbury, in the County of Kent, Cabinet Maker. Official assignee, Whitmore. Sol. Fiddey, Temple. Fiat. April 13. Pet. Cr. John Watson, of Bethnal Green Road, Cabinet Maker.

Thomas Thurston, Upholsterer %

1858 John GOULDEN, Turnery Factory and Paper Hanging Warehouse, Palace Street

John GOULDEN, Turner & Paperhanger ^

1882 Edwin HOLTUM, Tobacconist


More views of No. 8 Palace street


Showing St. Alphage Church from Palace Street


No. 9 - The Rectory House of St. Alphage Church used to stand behind this wall, but was torn down in 1876, when the living of St. Alphege was given to the Mastership of Eastbridge Hospital. In the 1870's the Rector living in this house was John Samuel Sidebotham of All Saints with St. Mildred's.

"Death, September 12th, 1863, of the Rev. H. J. Hutchesson, at the Rectory House of St. Alphege, Palace Street, Canterbury, aged 80"


No. 9

1830 Poll Books - Thomas ADMANS, Palace Street, Canterbury, Baker (no address listed)

1838 Dournall James ADMANS, Baker, 9 Palace Street

1840 William BAKER, Carpenter, 9 Palace Street

1840 Daniel James ADMANS, Baker, 9 Palace Street

Dournall ADMANS, Baker with wife Sarah $

Stephen BELSEY %

1858 Stephen BELSEY, Baker

St. Alphage Church * on the left you will notice a doorway in the wall, this is a 13th century stone doorway, which once lead to the Rectory


"Nearly opposite Mr. Monin's house in Palace Street, by St. Alphage Church is a street which leads to the precinct of the Blackfriars, already described, not far from whence stood a small house, formerly the property of the knights templars, and one belonging to the chaplains of the Black Prince's chantry, whose arms are still remaining over a small door-way. The site of this house has for many years been known by the name of the Mint, from its being a privileged place, under the control of the Board of Green Cloth."

HT 1807


No. 10

9 -10 The Bell and Crown Inn

Showing the Bell & Crown

No. 10 - The Bell & Crown

1830 Poll Book - William GINDER, jun. Palace Street, Canterbury, Butcher (no address listed)

William Tanner, commonly called or known as William Ginder, late of No. 10, Palace Street, Canterbury, Butcher (The Law Advertiser, 1831)

1838 William GINDER, Butcher, 10 Palace Street

1840 William GINDER, Butcher, 10 Palace Street

David HANDCOCK, Butcher $ (?)

1850's - 60's John Bryson, Pork Butcher

1853 Insolvent Debtors (who have filed their petitions in the court of Bankruptcy, and have obtained an Interim Order for Protection from Process) - John Bryson, Canterbury, Butcher, Sept 22 at 10, County Court of Kent at Canterbury

1858 John Bryson, Pork Butcher, Palace Street

Feb 29, 1868, John Bryson, Canterbury, Kent, Butcher, Adj. Dec 10. Callaway. Canterbury, March 9 at 12. (To surrender in the country) The solicitors Journal and reporter

Ellen Hills, St Alphage: stealing a handkerchief, value 6d, property of William Maddon, the Licensed Victualler, of the 'Bell & Crown' Palace Street Canterbury. The defendant pleaded 'Not Guilty'. Case Dismissed. Documents include Certificate of Dismissal. Acquittal - 25 Oct 1875 - Court of Summary Jurisdiction Canterbury Cathedral Archives CCA-CC-J/V/1875/203

1882 Bell & Crown, Henry Bailey

No. 11

Daniel WHITE, Carpenter $

1850's - 60's Thomas WELLS, Tailor

1858 Thomas WELLS, Tailor, Palace Street

1903 - Mrs. Clara HORTON, Draper

Mary Fahay: stealing a skirt, value 2s/6d, property of Clara Maud Horton.Witness statements: Clara Maud Horton, a Draper of 11 Palace Street Canterbury and Sergeant Harry Stephen Ewell Canterbury Police. Imprisoned: 3 weeks, hard labour, in HMP St Augustine's Canterbury.
Conviction Notice - 30 Jul 1906 - Court of Summary Jurisdiction Canterbury Cathedral Archives CCA-CC-J/V/1906/19


No. 12

Thomas R. BARNES, Grocer $

1858 Thomas R. BARNES, Grocer

Thomas R. BARNES, Grocer ^

1882 Thomas LAVENDER, Boot & Shoe Warehouse

1885 Kelly's Directory of the Leather Trades - Thomas LAVENDER, listed under Boot & Shoe Makers, Warehouses & Dirs.

1903 - Mrs. M. A. EDNEY, Confectioner & Pastry Cook


No. 13

THE ALBION, William Bingham, Victualler ^

1884 - J. T. SAMSON & Co. (Under Cork Cutters & Manufacturers) The Post Office Directory of the Brewers and Maltsters 1884

1885 Kellys Directory - Listed under Cork Cutters and Manufacturers - J. T. SAMSON & Co. 13 Palace Street, Canterbury

1903 - John SKIPPS, Cabinet Maker


No. 14

1838 Benjamin MUTTON, Junior, Leather Cutter, 14 Palace Street

1864 Stephen BANGHAM, Gentleman of 14 Palace Street, Hobdays mortgaged property to him for £250


No. 15, 16, 17, 18, 19 & 20

A photo in my collection c. 1926 showing Palace street no. 15, 16, Conquest House, 18, 19 and 20


No. 15

1830 Poll Book - James SUTHERLAND, Palace Street, Canterbury, Tailor (no address listed)

1838 James SUTHERLAND, Tailor, 15 Palace street

George T. WILKINSON, Butcher ^

Joseph CROUCH, Tailor ^

George T. WILKINSON, Butcher &

1882 William MADAMS


No. 16

"THE ALBION" (was numbered as 13 previously)

An Inn from at least 1871 to 1907

Some of the Publicans were: Thomas Adams, John Jackson of Ireland and Edward Tucker

1838 Mrs. Elizabeth WEBSTER, Stay and Corset Maker & Straw Hat Manufacturer, 16 Palace Street

1838 Robert LEACH, Auctioneer and Appraiser and Broker, 16 Palace Street

1858 Robert LEACH, Upholsterer, Auctioneer, &c. Palace Street (*1853 Insolvent Debtors (who have filed their petitions in the court of Bankruptcy, and have obtained an Interim Order for Protection from Process) - Robert Leach, Canterbury, Kent, Auctioneer, April 22 at 11, County Court of Kent at Canterbury. TJ1853

1858 William SNELLER, ALBION, Palace Street

"Marriage December 21, 1852, William SNELLER, Bachelor, of Northgate, Grazier, son of John Sneller & Ellen Wells, of Palace Street, Spinster, Milliner, daughter of Blott (& Eliza) Wells." at Canterbury Cathedral *Blot Wells, was a printer & compositor and also a dealer in China, daughters Eliza Ann & Ann are dress makers, Elizabeth, Sarah, Thomas, William Blott, Caroline and Richard are Ellens siblings

Robert LEACH, Autioneer & Appraiser ^

1882 The Albion - John JACKSON

1917 W. GREENSTREET, Hairdresser


No. 17


c. 1100



1170 was the home of Gilbert the Citizen

Has been a tailor's shop in the 1860's, a grocer's in the early 1880's, a furniture dealers, and in 1917 an antique shop.

This is likely the house where the four Knight's who killed Thomas Beckett were before they entered the grounds of the Cathedral, through the Archbishop's Palace entrance across the way; Hugh de Moreville, Reginald Fitzurse, Richard le Bret and William de Tracy

Conquest House has been renovated on the outside (as was pointed out to me), as now the third storey is also timber and plaster, which used to be mathematical tiles.

It is said that above the first floor fireplace is the coat of arms of Charles I.

As well the house boasts a Norman undercroft.

1838 Thomas WELLS, Tailor, 17 Palace Street

1858 John LAMING, Tailor, Palace street

John LAMING, Tailor ^

1882 Thomas Richard BARNES & Sons, Grocers

Benji HOWLAND, Furniture dealer and Wesleyan Preacher )

1903 Mrs. E. HOWLAND

1905 AD

E. B. Armitage, 17 Palace Street


No. 18

1858 Moses NATHAN, Glass & China Dealer, Palace Street

Moses NATHAN, Foreign Fruiterer, Glass & China ^


1903 - Mrs. Mary Ann NETHERSOLE, Dressmaker


No. 19

1838 (listed under Nobility, Gentry, Clergy and Retired Persons) The Misses Elizabeth and Jane HUTCHINSON, 19 Palace Street

1838 (listed under Nobility, Gentry, Clergy and Retired Persons) Rev. Henry John HUTCHINSON, 19 Palace Street

1838 The Misses Elizabeth and Jane HUTCHINSON, listed under Nobility, Gentry, Clergy and Retired Persons, 19 Palace Street

1840 Rev. Henry John HUTCHINSON, 19 Palace Street

Thomas NEWMAN, Victualler ^

1882 Robert NETHERSOLE

Emily K. TODE )

1903 - Charles Frederick STENT, Fruiterer & Greengrocer

Aug. 2, 1913 - Large Shop with House, re-decorated, suit any business; 19, Palace Street. - Apply, 22, Palace Street, Canterbury


No. 20

1858 Richard POOL, Bootmaker & Tobacconist, Palace Street

Richard POOL, Boot Maker ^

Henry J. HUTCHESON, Clerk with the Church of England without the care of souls ^

1882 Henry Martin EADES, Baker

Thomas MOCKRIDGE, Baker )

1903 William Ed. HAYCOCK


No. 20 1/2


*1945 tenancy agreement between Fremlins and Emily JELLEY (bakers & confectioners)


No. 21

1838 Henry BILLITER, Leather Cutter, 21 Palace Street

Nathaniel LAZARUS, Silversmith & Clothier ^

July 15th, 1865 Nathaniel Lazarus (1414) Poll for the two knights of the shire, voted Dering (parish of qualification - Saint Gregory)

Nathaniel LAZARUS and Dinah SOLOMON *

Henry J. SETTERFIELD, Victualler "UNITY INN"

1905 Dec - Villa and House in Sturry Road, Canterbury; low rent, healthy position. Goodhew, 21 Palace Street, Canterbury

1905 Dec - Stables, with loose-boxes, coachhouse, loft over, near barracks; suitable for officers. Goodhew; 21 Palace Street, Canterbury


No. 22

1838 Samuel HOLLAWAY, Baker, 22 Palace Street

1858 William PRETT, Confectioner, Palace Street

William PRETT, Pastry Cook & Baker %

William has moved to Number 26 Palace Street by 1860

Harry A. SNELL, Plumber )

1903 - Mrs. Fanny RALPH, Milliner


No. 23

The Old Huguenot Weavers House


Noted as the "Old Huguenot Weavers House"

1850's to 1860 AD - J. JACKMAN, Tailor and Woollen Draper, 23, Palace Street, Canterbury. A large and well-selected Stock of West of England Goods adapted for all Seasons. Orders executed with punctuality and on the most reasonable terms. (John Brent)

1858 John JACKMAN, Tailor & Woolen Draper, Palace Street

1884 - Mrs. M. A. ROBBINS, 23 Palace Street, (Under Soda Water & Lemonade Manufacturer) The Post Office Directory of the Brewers and Maltsters 1884

1903 - William Henry POWELL, Antique Furniture Dealer


No. 24

1830 Poll Book, James CROW, Palace Street, Canterbury, Hairdresser

1838 James CROW, Hairdresser & Perfumer, 24 Palace Street


1858 John FEATHERSTONE, Grocer

1882 Thomas Alfred FORD, Tailor

Thomas A. FORD, Tailor )

Staplegate Antiques - Curios, Byegones, Medals, Coins, Jewellery, Silver, Small Antiques of all kinds. 24 Palace Street, Canterbury. Telephone Canterbury 63970. c. 1960's


No. 25

1838 George STRINGER, Solicitor, 5 Blackfriars and 25 Palace Street

1840 Philip GOTTS, Butcher, 25 Palace Street

Thomas D. SAUNDERS, Butcher %

1880 - Anthony Joseph HEIZMAN. Where do you live? 25, Palace Street. What is your employment? Watchman. What money did you get at the last election? 10s. Who from? DOBSON. For your vote? I believe so. What money did you get in 1879? None. Did you get any money at any other election? No.

Anthony Jospeh HEIZMAN, Watchmaker, born in Germany, wife Emily *

*Anthony Joseph HEIZMAN, married in Canterbury in 1871, Emily REYNOLDS (b. Canterbury)

1882 Edward STANBURY, Watch Maker, 25 Palace Street, Staplegate

1903 Edward STANBURY, Watchmaker


No. 26

1830 Poll Book - Charles F. WILLE, Palace Street, Canterbury, Confectioner, no address listed

1838 Charles Frederick WILLE, Confectioner & Pastry Cook, 26 Palace Street

1838 Chas. Fred. WILLE, 26 Palace Street, Listed under Foreign Fruit Merchants

1860 Ad - W. Prett, Pastry Cook & Confectioner, Family and Fancy. Bread, Gingerbread & Biscuit Baker, No. 26, PALACE STREET, Canterbury. Bride Cakes, Savoy Cakes, Creams, Jellies, Ices, Blanc-manges, &c. Dealer in Foreign Fruits and British Wines. Ice Puddings upon the shortest notice. (John Brent)

1882 Miss Charlotte DAVEY, Fruiterer & Greengrocer

Angelina MORRIS )

1903 Mrs. A. MORRIS


No. 27

1830 Poll Book - George D. KEEN, Palace Street, Canterbury, Draper (no address listed)

1838 Mrs. Mary KEEN, THE RED PUMP, Tailor & Clothier, 27 Palace Street

1881 Mrs. A. MOORE, 27 Palace Street (from the Report of the East Kent Natural History Society)

Ann BROWNE, Boot seller (retired) with sister Sarah H. BROWNE *

1882 Miss Ann BROWNE, Boot & Shoemaker


Hamilton BALY, Assistant Schoolmaster - Teacher at King's College )

Percy GODFREY, Assistant Schoolmaster, composer of music - Teacher at King's College )

1903 - Mrs. STREETING - Apartments

1903 Hamilton BALY M.A. The Precincts, 27 Palace Street

1903 Percy GODFREY, Bachelor of Music, Assistant Master at the King's School

Hamilton BALY, Esq. M.A. 1906, 27 Palace Street, Canterbury (Year-book and Record, Royal Geographical Society)

No. 27 1/2

1858 Anthony MONTI, Watch and Clock Maker, Jeweller & Cutler, &c. Palace Street

Anthony (Antonio) MONTI - Hawker in Northgate Street born in Italy

*one of his son's John, married and moved to Clapham, London and was working as a Watchmaker


No. 28

The King's School Shop

Showing No. 28 Palace street *MORE INFO

1839 Anne KEEN, Woollen Draper, 28 Palace Street

Edmund EDNEY, Confectioner & Sugar Boiler *

John HOBDAY, Cabinet Maker and Upholsterer (No. 28 & 29)

Elizabeth Brown, Wardrobe Dealer )

1925 AD from The Pilgrims Guide in my collection


No. 29

Edmund EDNEY, Confectioner & Sugar Boiler *

1882 Edmund EDNEY, Confectioner

1903 Thomas SIMMONDS, furniture dealer

*I have a postcard addressed to Mrs. K. Simmonds, what looks to read 34 Palace Street Canterbury, mailed Sept 14, 1910, no other writing on the card


No. 30

1838 James HOLLAND, Tailor, 30 Palace Street

1839 James HOLLAND, Woollen Draper, 30 Palace Street

James Holland, Tailor & Woolen Draper

*Mr. James Holland sworn and examined (May 17th, 1853) - Parliamentary Papers 1853. Are you a tailor in this town? Yes, a tailor and wollen draper. Are you a freeman or a householder? Both. Have you taken an active part in the election which have taken place in this city for some years past? I have. In some elections I have not; in others I have. What party have you generally espoused? What is termed the red party, the conservative party. In the year 1847 were you a Red then? Yes. Did Mr. Rutter give you any money? He gave me some money. How much? 10l. Mr. Rutter was a Blue? Mr. Rutter was a Blue. Yes? Oh, not that election. Mr. Rutter never gave me money then. Stop; do not let us misunderstand each other? Let me remember the dates. Yes, that is right, 1847. Mr. Rutter in 1847 gave you 10l. He did. Was Mr. Rutter at that time a Blue? He was....... pages

1865 Poll for two knights of the shire..."name of voter and residence" 1730 HOLLAND, James, 30 Palace Street, Canterbury, listed under parish of St. Peter (it is the parish of qualification) Voted for Bridges and Knatchbull (B.K.)

three candidates: Sir Edward Cholmeley Dering, Bart. - Sir Brook William Bridges, Bart. - Sir Norton Joseph Knatchbull, Bart.

1882 John CORNER, Sewing Machine Agent

1903 Thomas SIMMONDS, furniture dealer

*I have a postcard addressed to Mrs. K. Simmonds, what looks to read 34 Palace Street Canterbury, mailed Sept 14, 1910, no other writing on the card


No. 31

Thomas KENNETT, Furniture Broker

"Burial at Canterbury Cathedral, July 6, 1845, Harriet Kennett, of Palace Street. Age 23 years" *parents Thomas Kennett (Broker) and Ann, Harriet. She had six sisters, Mary Ann, Henrietta, Louisa, Emma Jane, Juila Ellen and Georgiana, and one brother Frederick.


No. 32

1838 Thomas KENNETT, Broker Only, 32 Palace Street

Thomas KENNETT, Furniture Broker

July 15th, 1865 James CLACKETT (1543) Poll for the two knights of the shire, voted B & K (parish of qualification - Saint Mary Bredin)

1873 B. J. Manning, 32 Palace street, Canterbury - Acres 3 2 8, Rent 8 10, the domesday book for the county of Kent

1882 William JARRETT, Fruiterer

1903 Frederick JARRETT, Fruiterer & Greengrocer


No. 33

1838 Thomas DELAHAY, 33 Palace Street, Listed under Foreign Fruit Merchants

Thomas William HALSEY, Carpenter %

1858 Edward CASTLE, Fruiterer & Confectioner

1882 Mrs. Elizabeth Eyles, Shopkeeper


No. 34

John Krantreke, Tailor %

Samuel Escott, Tailor


No. 35

1840 George CROW, Boot & Shoe Maker, 35 Palace Street

Stephen Oakenfull, Turner %

Stephen Oakenfull, Turner in Wood

1885 Kelly's Directory of the Leather Trades - Crispin Shoveler, listed under Boot & Shoe Makers, Warehouses & Dirs.

1903 Crispin Shovelier, Bootmaker

1917 James POWELL, Photographer - 35 Palace Street *was also a Powell on Notley Street

1934 James POWELL, photographer, 35 Palace Street, Canterbury


No. 36

Thomas Delahaye, Egg Dealer %

1858 Thomas Delahaye, Egg & Fruit Merchant

WTHBH - Sept 14, 1872 - Fire in Palace Street - A fire, which had it not been for the timely discovery might have proved a serious conflagration, broke out on the premises of Mr. Delehaye, foreign egg merchant, Palace street on the evening of Monday last. Mr. Delehaye left the shop safe a little before eight o'clock, and had not been absent many minutes when he received an alarm that his shop was in flames. It seemed that they had been seen from the outside of the premises by some neighbouring tradesmen, who immediately took steps to extinguish the fire, which was then devouring the contents of the shop, which being of a very inflammable nature soon succumbed to the flames. The exertions of those who rendered their assistance, however, being successful, the fire was confined to the shop, where it did much damage to the walls and the fittings, besides destroying a large quantity of eggs. The loss of about £60 or £70 falls upon the Globe Office, in which the occupier was insured. The origin of the fire is attributed to the ignition of a match on the floor of the shop, which set alight to the straw. Considering that these buildings are very old, and that there are some oil stores not far off, it is fortunate that the fire did not spread.

1871 - 1903 George Hitchcock, Photographer

1882 George Hitchcock, Photographic Artist

1885 Kelly's Directory - Listed under Photographers - George HITCHCOCK, 36 Palace Street, Canterbury

1903 Charles Hitchcock, Hair Dresser & George Hitchcock, Photographer

1917 A. Elphick, Hairdresser


No. 37

Samuel CALDWELL, Stained Glass Artist

1903 - E. PETTMAN, Baker


No. 38

1840 Samuel WEBB, Boot & Shoe Maker, 38 Palace Street

George GRAHAM, Boot Maker Journeyman

1882 Samuel ASHBY, Umbrella Maker

1903 George EASTON, Boot & Shoemaker


No. 39

Fennens. Watch & Clock Maker. Jeweller, Engraver &c. 39 Palace Street

1903 - Edwin F. Cullen, News Agent & Vendor


The ancient wall, which surrounded the precincts is still in great part remaining on the west and north sides, and was more so till within these few years. Nearly in the middle of the west side of it is a large handsome gateway, built of brick, with stone ornaments, by Archbishop Parker, being the principal entrance of the palace, from Palace-Street, or St. Alphage Street. Canterbury Guide by Henry Ward 1843


No. 40

1903 - Mrs. M. Cork - Apartments


No. 41 - 45

The Gateway was rebuilt by Archbishop Parker in the 1500's and restored again in the twentieth century

41 - 43 Palace street is the 3 storey building, 44 & 45 are the two storey buildings next to it

No. 41, 42 & 43

1838, David HUNTER, listed under Linen and Woollen Drapers, Haberdashers, Silk Mercers, &c., 41 Palace Street

Elizabeth Barlow PALACE HOUSE

1847 Miss Elizbeth Ann Barlow, Palace Street

1847 William Muirhead, 41 Palace Street

PALACE HOUSE Elizabeth Barlow %

No. 41 William Muirhead %

Benjamin MUTTON, Leather Seller %

Elizabeth A. BARLOW and her sister Maria Barlow ^

*Creditors under 22 & 23 Vict. cap. 35. Friday, April 4, 1879. Last Day of Claim. Maria Barlow, Canterbury, Spinster. May 10. W. Furley, Canterbury. The Weekly Notes, April 12, 1879

1858 William MUIRHEAD, Draper, Palace street

1882 James DENNIS, Stationer & News Agent, 41 Palace Street

1880 - 1917 - 42 & 43 Gibbs & Sons Printers

1882 No. 43 Palace Street - James GIBBS, Publisher & Printer

Gibbs & Sons Printed "Canterbury Diocesan Gazette," published monthly


*Marriage July 15, 1878, Walter Alfred Fetherstone, age 22, Bachelor, of the Ville of the Archbishop's Palace, Grocer, son of John Fetherstone, and Jemima Sutton Kate Hadley, age 22, of the Liberty of St. Augustine's, spinster, daughter of Henry Hadley" at Canterbury Cathedral


No. 44

Frederick FINN, Tailor % (Palace Street, address?)


No. 45

George Tempest, Cutler % (Palace Street, address?)

1882 Albert Collins, Brush Warehouse

1903 Valentine SINCLAIR, Antique Furniture Dealer

1925 W. Stringer & Son, Antique Dealers

1929 W. Stringer & Son, art dealers and valuers, the old palace antique galleries. One of the Galleries, formerly part of the Ancient Palace of the Archbishops of Canterbury. Antique furniture in all periods, Jacobean, Queen Anne, etc., and of the Georgian period, always on sale, in Oak, Walnut and Mahogany. Old Silver, Glass, etc. in great variety.

1936 W. Stringer, Antiques

No. 46

1838 William HEARNDEN, Appraiser and Broker only, 46 Palace Street

1839 William GRIFFEY, Hearld Painter, 46 Palace Street

1840 William GRIFFEY, Herald Painter, 46 Palace Street

1840 William HEARNDEN, Auctioneer, 46 Palace Street

Thomas William Healsey % (Palace Street, address?)

1858 William W. PEARCE, Tin Brazier and Coppersmith, Palace Street

William W. PIERCE, Brazier ^

1882, Consists of one 60 horse power steam fire engine, one reel cart with 2,000 feet of hose, ropes & ladders; H.G. Austin, captain, no. of men 9

1917 Kent Fire Brigade Station, L. Ashenden, Captain, Kent Fire Office, High Street

1925 W. Stringer & Son, Antique Dealers

1929 W. Stringer & Son, art dealers and valuers, the old palace antique galleries. One of the Galleries, formerly part of the Ancient Palace of the Archbishops of Canterbury. Antique furniture in all periods, Jacobean, Queen Anne, etc., and of the Georgian period, always on sale, in Oak, Walnut and Mahogany. Old Silver, Glass, etc. in great variety.


No. 47

"Marriage December 21, 1852, William Sneller, Bachelor, of Northgate, Grazier, son of John Sneller & Ellen Wells, of Palace Sreet, Spinster, Milliner, daughter of Blott (& Eliza) Wells." at Canterbury Cathedral *Blot Wells, was a printer & compositor and also a dealer in China, daughters Eliza Ann & Ann are dress makers, Elizabeth, Sarah, Thomas, William Blott, Caroline and Richard are Ellens siblings

1858 Blott Wells, Glace, China and Brush Dealer, Palace Street

*Married Eliza McMillin

Blott Wells, Dealer in Glass & China ^

Robert Wookey, Railway Switchman )


No. 48


1839 GARDNER & CO. Engravers, 48 & 49 Palace Street

1840 GARDNER & CO. Engravers, 48 & 49 Palace Street

1855 Henry CHIVERS* printer, Palace Street (Hodson's Booksellers, publishers and stationers' directory)

*Member of the Kent Archaeological Society 1861 - 1868

Henry CHIVERS, Printer ^

Junior Kings School, opened 1879 at Walpole House, under Schoolmaster Rev. R. G. Hodgson

1882 William MUIRHEAD

Susan CURD )

Junior Kings School moved just outside of Canterbury in 1929


No. 49

1839 GARDNER & CO. Engravers, 48 & 49 Palace Street

1840 GARDNER & CO. Engravers, 48 & 49 Palace Street

James BROWNING, Groom ^

1882 William John GRACE, Leather Dealer

1885 Kelly's Directory of the Leather Trades - William J. GRACE, listed under Leather Cutters & Sellers

Henry MANSELL, worker in the iron Foundry )


No. 50

1840 William PENN, Cabinet Maker

Albert COLLINGS, Brush Maker ^

1882 Mrs. Elizabeth ESCOT, Stay Maker

Walter G. PITTOCK, Basketmaker )

1917 J. C. FARROW, 50 Palace Street, listed under Picture frame maker, carvers, gilders


No. 51

1858 Elizabeth BATES, Dealer in Fishing Tackle

Elizabeth BATES ^

1882 George GRAHAM, Furniture Dealer

George A. ALLEN, H.M. Royal Navy, Petty Officer )

1903 J. C. FARROW

1917 Miss C. STEAD, Registry Office for Servants


No. 52

George MOUNT, Registrar ^

Samuel ASHBY, Cutler &

Birth place of Mary Caldwell, daughter of Samuel Austen Caldwell and Sarah Caldwell (nee Scott), she was an author and children's book illustrator (b. January 28, 1874 died March 15, 1948) . She married Herbert Tourtel, editor of The Daily Express *She was the creator of Rupert Bear. Mary was educated at the Simon Langton School for girls and The Sidney Cooper School of Art, and the Royal College of Art.

Samuel Caldwell, is an artist on glass (stained glass designer), his son Samuel is a Glazier (Samuel was a restorer of the Cathedral Glass) *

1882 Samuel CALDWELL, Painter on Glass

Samuel Caldwell ... Where do you reside? 52 Palace Street. In whose employment are you? I am working for myself now. Do you do piece-work for Mr. Austin? Yes, and other people. Were you doing piece-work for him about the time of the last election, last April or March? Yes, I was. Did you work at all in the canvass? Yes, I was canvassing for a fortnight or more, I should think. For whom? Mr. Butler-Johnstone. Mr. Austin wished me to go canvassing, and I received 5l. 5l for the canvass? Yes, about six weeks or eight weeks after the eleciton for my time. As a canvasser? Yes. Did you vote? Yes. Were you paid at the same time for all the piece-work you were doing at the usual rate? No; I am paid by measured work. You were paid for all the work you did whether by piece or measure, just as usual, while the election was going on? If I did not do any work I were not paid. I can quite understand that. You are not paid by the time at all? No. Not by the week or anything of the sort? No; I did not do much work during the time I was canvassing....Were you working for Mr. Austin at all in 1874? Yes, I have been working on the firm for a long while....How much are you making at the present time for piece work? It varies, sometimes 50s. and sometimes 2l. Say 2l.? Yes, it might average that.... Parliamentary Papers Jan 6 - Aug 27, 1881

December 20th, 1894 - "The following students have obtained three certificates each: - Mary CALDWELL passed 1st class in anatomy, 2nd class in principles of ornament, 2nd class in monochrome painting" "Prizes for advanced subjects - Mary Caldwell, 1st prize for outline drawing of an antique figure" "Prizes for technical subjects - Mary Caldwell, 1st prize for designs." "Full Art Teachers Certificates - Mary Caldwell, art class teachers' certificate" - Sidney Coopers School

George ROBSON, Cab Driver )

1903 Samuel CALDWELL, also at Blackfriars North

1917 John HARDING


No. 53

1839 John WELLBY, Watchmaker, 53 Palace Street

Valentine ROBINSON, Shoemaker ^

Catherine ROBINSON, Shoemaker

1885 Kelly's Directory of the Leather Trades - Edmund RAVINE, listed under Boot & Shoe Makers, Warehouses & Dirs.

Charles SHETHER, Wheelwright )

FULLAGAR, 53 Palace Street, Canterbury


No. 54

1838 Robert Young BANKS, Baker, 54 Palace Street

1840 Robert Young BANKS, Baker, 54 Palace Street

1858 James PETTMAN, Confectioner, Palace Street

James PETTMAN, Baker ^

Edwin BAKER, Bakers Servant ^

*Bankrupts Friday, Aug. 20, 1869. To surrender in London. The Solicitors' Journal & Reporter - Edwin BAKER, Canterbury, Baker. Pet. Aug 16. Murray. Sept 2 at 12. Doyle & Edwards, Verulam buildings, Gray's Inn for Delasaux, Canterbury.

James PETTMAN, Baker &

Albert H. PARKER, Labourer )

1903 - Fishmonger, William STRINGER


No. 55

Elizabeth CAMPAIN ^

George HITCHCOCK, Photographer &

An Umbrella Maker's shop, late 1880's to at least the 1920's


No. 56

1840 A. Valentine SMITH, Boot & Shoe maker, 56 Palace Street

*Charles GOODWIN recalled....Do you remember the names of any parites to whom you have given monies in addition to those you gave in ? SMITH in Palace Street. What did you give him? £3 (PP)

1858 John CULLING, Tailor (Palace Street)

"Burial at Canterbury Cathedral, March 25, 1853, Jane CULLING of Palace Street, Age 42 years."

John CULLING, Tailor ^

May 9, 1871, Christening of Arthur George, son of John and Ann E. HARTLEY of Palace Street, Fishmonger at Canterbury Cathedral

April 21, 1873, Christening of Rhoda Maude HARTLEY, daughter of John and Ann Elizabeth Hartley, of Palace Street, Fishmonger, at Canterbury Cathedral

January 17, 1876, Christening of Willie Barnard HARTLEY, son of John & Ann Elizabeth Hartley, of the Ville of Archbishop's Palace, Poulterer & Fishmonger, at Canterbury Cathedral

An account book from 56 Palace Street - John Hartley (Book of Captain Hilton)

John HARTLEY and his wife Ann were living in Gas Street prior to moving to Palace Street. ^

1882 John HARTLEY, Fishmonger, 56 Palace Street

1891 The couple and their family were living in Hollow Lane a few years before John HARTLEY passed away in Canterbury in 1896

1903 W. CHILVERS, Boot & Shoemaker


No. 57

1840 John BRIDGEWATER, Boot & Shoemaker, 57 Palace Street

1858 Miss Frances Royce, Milliner and Straw Bonnet Maker, Palace Street

Frances Royce ^

1882 Benjamin Joseph Manning, Insurance Agent


No. 58

1838 Thomas BRIDGEWATER, Lay Clerk at the Cathedral, 58 Palace Street

1847 Harry Hitchcock, Artist, 58 Palace Street

Thomas J. Fisher ^

Mrs. Fetherstone, Palace Street, Canterbury (subscriber to Canterbury in the Olden Time by John Brent 1879 - Palace Street)

1882 John Fetherstone, Grocer & Provision Merchant & agent for W. & A. Gilbey, Wine & Spirit Merchants

Dec 26, 1896 - Established 1838. W. A. Featherstone, high class tea and coffee merchant, 58, Palace Street (Ville of Archbishop's Palace), Canterbury. Fine blend of Ceylon and Indian Teas, as most useful Tea for large establishments 1/4 per lb., Fine Ceylon Blend, flavoured with Scented Orange Pekoe 1/6 per lb., Celebrated Canterbury Blend, composed of the finest China, Assam, and Ceylon Teas, selected with great care and delicately flavoured with choicest Orange Pekoe 1/10 lb. 1d. per lb. reduction on 6 lb. parcels. Perfection of Coffee, the Choicest Mocha, Mysore, and Costa Rica Coffees roasted on the Premises three times weekly, and ground fresh for each customer. Choice Mysore and Cost Rica 1/6 per lb. Choicest Mocha and Mysore, the finest coffee imported 1/8 per lb.

John Browning Lott - Professor of Music & family residing in the same home as the Featherstones

AD May 1897 - Fetherstones Royal Bazaar Tea Per 2s. 4d. Pound. 1d. per lb Reduction on 6 lb. parcels. The above Blend, as supplied to the refreshment stall at the Royal Bazaar held in the Green Court, is composed of choicest old-fashioned China tea, golden-tipped Assana Pekoe, and fragrant Ceylon, much appreciated by Connoisseurs for afternoon tea. Walter A. Fetherstone, High Class Tea Blender, 58 Palace Street, Canterbury.

1903 - W. A. Fetherstone

"Special Selection....Gilbey's Wines for Summer Use....Agent for Canterbury: W.A. Fetherstone, 58 Palace Street"



No. 59

This was the building from which Robert Cushman hired the famous ship the Mayflower to take the "pilgrims" to America

Robert Cushman, wool carder of Canterbury widower of Sarah Cushman. Robert Cushman of Canterbury, Eng., (former wife Sarah Cushman,) m. 3 June, 1617, Mary Chingelton

1840 James FULLAGAR, Boot & Shoe Maker, 59 Palace Street

Minter AUSTEN, Plumber ^

1903 George Mence SMITH, Oil & Color man


No. 60 & 61

1838 Policeman, James FULLAGER, 60 Palace Street

1840 Clement CLOWSEY, Butcher, 60 Palace Street

60. Solly SOLOMON, Marine Store Dealer ^

61. James THURSTON, Tailor ^

is one building and here is Sun Street

1882 Ad John Hobday, Cabinet Maker, Upholster, Auctioneer, Appraiser, House Agent, House Decorator, Undertaker, &c., 60 & 61 Palace Street, Canterbury. Contractor for Removal of Furniture in Pantechnicon Vans, by Road or Rail.

1889 John HOBDAY, cabinet maker, auctioneer, and undertaker

1903 E. & G. Hobday, Cabinet Makers, Upholsterers, Auctioneers, Appraisers, House Agents, Undertakers, and Contractors for Household Removals. Furniture Warehoused. 60 & 61 Palace Street.

1907 E. and G. HOBDAY, Auctioneers & Valuers

1917 E. & C. Hobday (Frank Amos) house furnishes, upholsterers, auctioneers, valuers, undertakers, and furniture removers (Tel. 96)

*there is a picture of No. 60 Palace street "E. G. Hobday" in the book "English Shop-Fronts Old and New" by Horace Dan and EC Mogran Willmot


Prior to the 1870's there was also No.s 62 - 65


No 62

1838 Frances ROYCE, Straw Hat Manufacturer, 62 Palace Street

William Parry ^

63 & 65 George Fowler ^

64. Mary Geering ^


Palace Street - The Grange

Henry G. AUSTEN, Architect

seDeath January 4th, in Palace Street, Canterbury, Mr. T. SOAMES, shoe maker. Kentish Register 1795



Henry ARNOLD, Attorney

Richard BALLARD, Fruiterer

John CALLAWAY, Silk Mercer

John GORE, Gun Maker

Thomas HAMMOND, Attorney

Augustin HARRISON, Carpenter

George and William KEEN, drapers and slopsellers

William MARSH, stationer and bookseller

George MARTIN, clothes warehouse

Susannah MATHEWS, haberdasher

Mathew MIETTE, woolstapler (a will made Sept 10, 1806 - on the national archives site)

*Monday 28th September 1857. Called on Mr. Charles Nicholas Miette, who with his brother Matthew Trocqueme Miette, purchased the last of the Lefroy property in Canterbury in 1809, a fine old man of 84. He informs me that he and his brother are, he believes the last who carried on silk weaving in Canterbury. It was succeeded by worsted spinning, of which a little has survived to this day. He shewed me his abstract of title from which took the folllowing note.... There was a good deal more Lefroy property purchased by others, and Mr. Miette is under the impression that the family residence was a house opposite All Saints' Church in High Street, now belonging to Mr. George Neame.

Certain houses in Cock Lane, Canterbury, which, with those in St Mary, Northgate, were inherited by Anthony Lefroy from his father Thomas, 1723, one-sixth share of these
remained in the family down to 1835, when it was sold to Charles Nicholas Miette and Matthew Trocqueme Miette by the Guardians of Benjamin Austen Lefroy.

Richard PIDDOCK, baker

Jon FORDRED, salesman

James RIDOUT, grocer

Henry SMITH, coach and coach harness maker

Wootten SMITH, hoyman

Alex. STACEY, taylor and habit maker

Richard UNDERDOWN, gingerbread baker

Elizabeth WEBSTER, straw hat manufacturer

William WILTSHIRE, leather cutter


1830 John BLACKLEY, formerly of Palace Street, Canterbury, and also of King's Bridge, St. Peter's, Canterbury, also of Union Street, Kent, near Canterbury, also of Newington, Kent, and late of Northgate, baker and grocer. (Petitions to be heard before the Commissioners on the Circuits - Wed. Oct. 27 at 10, Canterbury, Court House)

1838 William BURVILLE, Chorister of the Cathedral, Palace Streetrvant)

Entry relating to the carriage of water along Palace Street from St Alphege corner, along the Palace wall to the next house belonging to John Mask at the next corner, and so on to the common sewer next to the Black Prince's Priests. CC/JQ/339/i

"Marriage of Mr. J. SMITH of Ramsgate to Miss E. SMITH of Palace Street, Canterbury." The Monthly Magazine or 1796? v. 48 1819?

"Marriage at Canterbury, according to the Jewish ceremony, Mr. J. JACOBS, to Miss E. BARNARD, both of Palace Street" The General Weekly register of news... 1822



John James PEIRCE (& clerk to the commissioners of taxes, and to the magistrates) Palace Street - Listed under Attorneys

William Clay, Hatter, Manufacturer, Palace Street

Elizabeth Webster, Milliner, Stay Maker & Straw Hat Manufacturer, Palace Street

Edward Hodges, Nursery & Seedsman, Palace Street

William Baines, Tailor & Draper, Palace Street

Thomas Munns, Tailor & Draper, Palace Street

Dennis Lane, Tailor & Draper, Palace Street

George Scott, Tailor & Draper, Palace Street

James Ridout, Tallow Chandler and Grocer & Cheesemonger, Palace Street

Valentine Austin Smith, Boot & Shoe Maker, Palace Street

John Admans Jnr., Bricklayer, Palace Street

1850 *John ADMANS Jnr., Bricklayer of St. Peter's Friars, was a testator to the will of George BATEMAN, father of John Bateman, photographer

Hezekiah, Marshall, Builder & Carpenter, Palace Street

Daniel White, Builder & Carpenter, Palace Street

Jonathan Bundock, Cabinet Maker and Broker, Palace Street

Edward Collins, Cabinet Maker and Broker, Palace Street

John Griffey, Carver, Gilder and herald and sign painter, Palace Street

Frederick Wille, Confectioner, Palace Street

William Moses Mutton, Leather Cutter, Palace Street

Thomas Millen Beer, Grocer & Cheesemonger, Palace Street

James John Pierce, Attorney and clerk to the commissioners of taxes, and to the magistrates, Palace Street

John Gilby, Baker, Palace Street

Directory 1824



Thomas BRADSHAW, Palace Street, Canterbury, Watchmaker

Jonathan BUNDOCK, Palace Street, Canterbury, Upholsterer

*death of a Johnathan Bundock born c. 1795 in 1866 in Canterbury (Ironmonger)

1838 *Phoenix (Fire) Johnathan BUNDOCK, Palace Street

Thomas WHITE, Palace Street, Canterbury, Baker

John ADMANS, sen. Palace Street, Canterbury, Bricklayer *living in Knott's lane in 1838

Thomas ADMANS, Palace Street, Baker

William TAYLOR, Palace Street, Canterbury, Surgeon

Daniel WHITE, Palace Street, Canterbury, Carpenter

John MORFELL, Palace Street, Canterbury, Butcher

*John Morfell of St. Alphage Canterbury, batchelor (33) and Susan Wellard of Petham, spinster (30), at Petham, 23 Jan 1822

*death of a John Morfell in Blean dist., Kent 1838

William H. HANREE, Palace Street, Canterbury, Baker *a Mrs. Ann Hanree at 68 Broad Street in 1838

*death of a William Henry Hanree in Canterbury 1838

*William Hanree of St. Mary Northgate, Canterbury, Cabinetmaker, bachelor and Maria Wiltshire of St. Mary Breadman, Canterbury, Minor (19, Father William Wiltshire, Inn Holder), at St. Mary Breadman. 10 July 1815

*A William L. Hanree, Cabinet Maker age 44 in Broad Street Canterbury in 1861

Jesse WHITE, Palace Street, Canterbury, Cordwainer

Henry K. NISBETT, Palace Street, Canterbury, Leather cutter

James RIDOUT, sen. Palace Street, Canterbury, Gentleman

John W. DAVEY, Palace Street, Canterbury, Cordwainer

Unpolled - William BLACKLEY, Palace Street, Clothier

James CROW, Palace Street, Hair Dresser

William BASKERVILLE, Palace Street, Gentleman

Hezekiah MARSHALL, Palace Street, Builder


"Burial at Canterbury Cathedral, June 18, 1850, Henry Linom CULLEN, of Palace Street. Age 22 years"

"John Blackley formerly of Palace Street, Canterbury." The Law Advisor, 1831

"Marriage, January 25, 1859, Joshua Harrod, age 40, Widower of the Cavalry Barracks, Army, son of John Harrod, & Eliza Ann Wells, of Palace street, Spinster, Milliner, daughter of Blott Wells" at Canterbury Cathedral

"Baptism May 7, 1867, Frances Mary, Daughter of Edward & Julia Mary Golds, of Palace Street, Draper" at Canterbury Cathedral

"Baptism July 28, 1867, Edwin James Diddams, son of James & Emma Harris, of Palace street, Saddler" at Canterbury Cathedral

"Baptism March 12, 1868, Walter John, son of William Samuel & Louisa Sarah Grigg (nee Wilson), of Palace Street, Greengrocer" at Canterbury Cathedral *Louisa died in 1888 in Maidstone, Kent - they were married in Blean (they were in Burgate street by the 70's)

"Baptism, June 23, 1808, Baptism of Ellen, Daughter of Edward & Julia Mary Golds, of Palace Street, Draper" at Canterbury Cathedral

"Christening, December 26, 1871, Ellen Maude Lillie Studdy, daughter of Alfred Freeman Studdy & Ellen Studdy, of Palace Street, Schoolmaster" at Canterbury Cathedral

..Waited on Mr. Hubbard, a new auctioneer at Dartford, and found his mother-in-law, Mrs. Munns, of Palace Street, Canterbury, a pleasant....Robert Pocock, the Gravesend Historian...1883

James de Porta lived in Palace street, opposite the Archbishop's Palace Gateway (and likely acquired his surname due to this relationship, as I know Porta to be door in Portuguese), or because he was a Portreeve

"A more commendable alteration is now going on in a new thoroughfare leading from the High-Street to Palace-Street, by which the narrow avenue, called Mercery-Lane, forming the principal outlet to the Isle of Thanet, will be left for the exclusive use of foot passengers." 1808 *most likely Guildhall Street (as the Red Lion Inn was removed from High Street c. 1806)

"Death on August 27th in Palace street, Canterbury of Mr. Henry Palmer, Professor of Music, and for many years leader of the orchestra of the Canterbury Catch Club." The Gentlemen's Magazine 1854 (living in Dane John Grove, St. Mildred in 1841, Professor of Music, born in county, with his son Henry W. Palmer (age 11) and Mary Amos a

Presentments temp John Fuller, Mayor: J. Okeden, Alderman, Peter London, Innholder, John Johnson, Gentleman, Robert Selmon, Pointer and T. Nele, Scrivener for casting 'the streate earthe' against the walls of the Palace and of Christ Church opposite their several dwellings in Canterbury, St Alphege. Canterbury Cathedral Archives, no date CC/JQ/356/9 *likely around 1556/1557 as John Fuller was mayor then


1858 Mary Ann Bolling, Boot & Shoe Warehouse (Palace Street)

*died 1871 Canterbury (b. 1798 - 1802)

1858 Bartlett Allen Chambers, Cabinet Maker and Auctioneer (Palace Street, no number)

*Town Councilman for the Ward of Northgate (moved to Wincheap St. by the early 60's) *Bartlett died in 1884 in Canterbury

1858 Alfred Jennings, Butcher (Palace Street), the family is in Deal in the early 60's

1858 Alice Ladson, Milliner and Dressmaker (Palace street) *she was previously located in Guildhall Street

*died 1873 b. c. 1795

1858 William May, Tobaconist, Palace Street *possibly living in Knott's lane prior to this (quite a few William May's living in Canterbury)

1858 William R. Mummery, Currier & Leather Merchant, Palace Street

1858 Benjamin Mutton, Leather Seller and Grindery Warehouse

*death of a Benjamin Mutton, 1879 in Canterbury

1858 William Smith, Watchmaker, Palace Street

1858 William A. Upton, Grocer, Palace Street

1858 Mrs. Kezra WHITE, Clothier, Palace Street

1858 William R. Young, Butcher, Palace Street


WTHBH - Sept 14, 1872 - Births, September 7th, at Palace Street, Canterbury, the wife of Mr. T. E. Blair, of a daughter.

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